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WINNER! Congrats GenevieveSing!

It had been three whole months since we’d last seen each other. There had been heart-ache, tears, way too many regretful one night stands, and all the drinking required when you’re separated from the only person with whom you’ve felt such a strong romantic connection. But this had been the reality of our relationship from the beginning. We satisfied ourselves by using others, or at least trying to make it work with someone we liked, only to find that we were really just fooling ourselves. The buildup to this moment was incomparable. The contact is what I’d been craving most of all. Spring break had literally not come soon enough after this long lonely winter.

I waited eagerly at the gate, checking the screen frantically. I had been waiting there dutifully for his arrival for the past three hours. This flight delay to me seemed like the whole three months I had been waiting. And all I could think about was seeing his cute face, tired from the flight and scruffy with five o’clock shadow yet his cheeks would be flushed with excitement.

What else to think about for three hours of delay than what was going to occur as soon as we shut the door to my apartment. I couldn’t wait to have him pin me against the wall and pull my panties aside and fuck me mercilessly without a thought to even take our clothes off first. I was already so wet, fantasies of submissiveness running through my brain. It was the best way to tell each other how much we loved the other. Of course we could wake up in the morning and make love and all that but what was better than him tying me down and making me beg for it. I couldn’t wait for that.

“Flight 7338 from London is arriving at Gate 54,” a voice said over the loudspeaker and my heart started pounding. I had to remind myself to act calm and not to pounce on him but I could barely help it I was so excited.

Slowly but surely the plane drove into the gate and passengers began to depart. Five minutes later, shaking nervously, I saw him. The tired face, yet mischievous smile and dark loving eyes… and when he spotted me his entire face lit up and got red with excitement and nervousness. It was adorable how he couldn’t even hide it. He nearly skipped out of the gate, trying to cut past everyone to run to me. All I could do was giggle.

A giant hug by strong arms lifted me off my feet and twirled me around and a big long kiss proceeded. “Hi baby,” he managed to say between kisses. “God I’ve missed you.”

“Hi,” I said meekly, beaming like an idiot but I didn’t care.

Our words came stumbling out. Some words about the flight, about picking up his baggage, stuff I couldn’t even remember. We were innocent nervous young adults all over again. I knew his thoughts and he knew mine and we could barely contain ourselves.
“Let’s get on the shuttle then so we can go to the luggage drop off,” he suggested.

“Yeah definitely,” I couldn’t stop staring at his lips. I just needed to be kissed by them more and more and more.

The shuttle was packed and sweaty, full of people from the London flight off to the luggage drop off. We stood together crammed in the corner, my back up against him. I could feel the heat from his body and he bent in to kiss the back of my head and then my neck. An “I love you” was whispered to me in his lovely English accent and I could feel his lips against my ear. He kissed me there and I shivered. He knows I love ear and neck kisses. I reached back to grab his hand and squeezed it tight. No temptations here, sir. But it only made him more eager. Cramped five minute shuttle ride? Challenge accepted.

His lips still against my ear, he was a master at covering up his seduction, being ever so quiet as his tempting accent flowed into my mind. “I know how wet you are right now,” he pressed his body against my back as a turn forced us closer together and I could feel his bulging erection. “You don’t understand how hard it was to restrain myself on the plane.”

I squeezed his hand tighter, wanting him to stop but also needing him to continue.

“I can’t wait to pound you against the dinner table.” Our favorite spot to be quite honest. It’s such a treat when my parents come to dinner to think about what was occurring only just days before. Especially when he was also eating dinner with us. Gotta love those smirks across the table. Yet another thing to make me wet.

“And I can’t wait to cum all over your pretty face… I know you love it like that,” he bit my ear just slightly and I closed my lips tight hoping no one had seen.

“Leo don’t,” I whispered in vain, knowing I really didn’t want him to stop.

“I need to fuck you right now,” he growled against my ear and I dug my nails into his wrist. I turned around to face him. “Not on this shuttle. We need to find somewhere.” I nodded instantly in agreement, the prospect of fucking in a pretty public place arousing for so many reasons. “Bathroom?” I mouthed. 5pm at Newark airport? Fear of being found and forced to be as quiet as possible? The thought alone was almost enough to make me cum.

As soon as the shuttle let out he grabbed me tightly by the hand and we made our way as hastily as we could through the halls, searching for any sort of place that seemed unsuspicious and unoccupied. It seemed to be, luckily for us, an unpopular luggage point at that time. A few hallways away we found the bathroom suitable to our needs and scurried in and all the way to the end of the stalls.

Even before I could lock the stall door his hand had found its way up my skirt and was playing with the fabric of my lace thong. My pussy was wet and aching for his touch. He slid his hand under the front of it, my back towards him, and he nearly gasped in my ear, “damn baby you are so fucking wet for me.”

“I can’t help it-” I began to say when a hand slid over my mouth.

“Shhh… no talking or moaning from you you’ll blow our cover.” It was for the best; I am pretty loud.

I pressed my ass against his throbbing erection as he rubbed my clit and I held my gasps in. “Daddy remembers how to please you,” he purred in my ear. I reached behind me and began to undo his belt and then his zipper as he slid a finger, then two, then three inside of me and his hands muffled my gasp. His hand clasped my mouth tighter.

“Who said you could gasp?” he growled and slid a finger into my ass. My eyes welled up with tears from the pain I hadn’t felt in quite awhile. He fingered me fast as I grasped his cock through his boxers. I needed to be fucked so, so badly. As he pounded his fingers into my pussy and ass I felt it really wasn’t enough. I needed his big hard cock to fuck me from behind.

“You want me to fuck you baby? I know you love how I fuck you and I know how much you scream but you have to be quiet or I’m going to punish you real bad,” to be fair a punishment sounded very appealing. “Can you promise to be quiet?”
I nodded submissively and his fingers left me. “Taste yourself for me,” he purred and his fingers, covered in my wetness, entered my mouth. I sucked on them willingly. “I need you to know how good you taste.” He removed his fingers from my mouth and sucked on them himself. “I’m gonna eat your pussy all fucking night… but only if you’re quiet.”

I nodded quickly in agreement and he pulled his cock out, perfectly long and thick and throbbing. “You feel how hard you make me?” he pressing himself against my asshole. “You’re such a good little slut.” He slid his cock back and forth against my soaking wet pussy, teasing my hole and pressing against my clit. “If only we didn’t have to be quiet, then I’d definitely make you beg for it.” “Please,” I whispered ever so quietly and his hand returned to my mouth.

“Did I hear you say something? You’re going to get a good spanking from that later.” He slapped my ass and grabbed it firmly, hurting me so good. One hand on my ass, another covering my mouth, he thrust his cock fully inside me without warning. I bit down hard on his hand, willing myself not to cry out in pleasure. The way his dick curved hit everything in just the right way and I had to force myself not to gasp and moan with each thrust.

I could hear sounds coming from the rest of the bathroom, the occasional flush and sound of the hand drier when we could be less indiscreet. Just the fact that people were most definitely in there with us, hearing us, knowing how hard I was getting pounded was enough to get me off. He turned me around and hoisted me up, my legs around his waist, and continued to fuck me, so hard I could barely breathe.

“You like that, you little slut?” he growled in my ear. “You like being fucked in this bathroom, knowing others can hear us, knowing we could get in trouble at any moment. You’re such a good quiet little slut.” He kissed me forcefully and I bit his lip and pulled tight on his hair as he fucked me so hard the stall shook. I pulled harder and harder and our moans mingled with kisses, trying to prevent the other from screaming.

“Leo.. I’m going to cum,” I stammered. “I’m g-gonna scream.”

“No you’re not baby. You’re gonna let me finish first and fill you with my cum and then I’m gonna let you cum,” he said ever so maniacally.

I grasped tight against the back of his shirt as he supported me with those arms and slid his whole shaft completely in and out of me. I could tell he was trying to hold back his cries as well, biting my neck and moaning my name in my ear as quietly as he could. And then damn.. how good it felt to be filled with all of his cum. He continued to thrust for me and flicked my clit with his finger until I wrapped my legs tight around him, his hand clasped tight against my mouth. “Cum for me,” he looked right into my eyes and I cried out his name and followed orders.

There was a flush from a few stalls over and I felt burning hot as he let me down from his arms. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. I loved the feeling of being fucked so hard I could barely walk.

“Hi,” he smiled, still catching his breath.

“Hi,” I replied and leaned up to accept a passionate kiss.

His cheeks were rosy red and there was a giant smile on his face and I knew I was looking exactly the same.

“Think it’s safe to leave now?” he giggled and on three we bolted, running all the way back to the luggage drop as fast as we could. His luggage was the only one left still spinning around the belt. And all we could do was giggle like little kids. The next two weeks would sure be fun…