I was 21 and wild! Petite, brunette, tan, and single with a busty 32D set of breasts. Now that I was of legal drinking age, I loved to go out! One of my best friends has always been this beautiful Puerto Rican girl. Maria is two years younger than I, about 5’1, and weighs no more than 100 pounds. At the time, she had dark brown hair with blonde highlights. I always thought she was much prettier than myself. The clubs of downtown Houston were our playgrounds.

It was a Friday night. Maria and I both worked together as hostesses at a restaurant. We got off work at 4 o’clock. I decided to go hang out with her at her place. We sat on her bed, chit chatting in our bras and panties. This was normal for us. We had just gotten paid and were discussing what we should do that night. We decided to head down to Houston to see what kind of trouble we could get into. We always had fun helping each other get dressed, making sure we were both worthy of being fucked by any guy we had our eyes on while out and about.

I picked a skin tight, sleeveless leopard print mini dress, with cute little peep toe ankle high black felt boots, and Maria decided on a nude colored sleeveless mini dress with matching pumps. We both wore our hair in loose, sexy curls. After we helped each other slip into our dresses, we spread lotion on each others legs so that they were soft and smooth for guys catching feels.

As we knew we’d be drinking that night, we caught a cab. Of course, my girlfriend wasn’t of age, but I think we all know that doesn’t matter when you’re a gorgeous young lady going to a club. We arrived about 8:30 PM, before the club had really even started filling up. We were friends with a lot of the people that worked there, so we walked around, greeting them all. The club had an amazing rooftop bar where you could hang out on couches and look over the skyline of downtown Houston at night. We loved it out there. We grabbed a cranberry and vodka (our go-to drink) and sat down.

Before we knew it, we had had more than a few drinks. I was definitely feeling tipsy, maybe buzzed, and I could tell she was too. As we talked and laughed and joked, I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful she was. I was so lucky to have such a gorgeous best friend. I always caught the guys staring at her, jaws dragging on the floor, in awe of how angelic she looked (even drunk, dressed like a hoe). She stopped talking and looked into my eyes. She started smiling this mischievous smile. What was she up to?

She scooted closer to me on the couch. We noticed the club was starting to fill up a lot more. How long had we been outside drinking and talking? It was already 10:30! Whoah! “I’m sure some of our friends will show up tonight.”, she said to me. After frequenting the clubs for a while, we had definitely made a lot of fun friends around the area. It was unusual to go out and NOT run into someone we knew. I smiled at her and grabbed her hand. “Let’s go dance. The dance floor probably isn’t empty anymore.” I was a little bit shy, so I hated to dance on an empty dance floor.

We walked back to the inside area of the club. The LED light dance floor was going wild, and there were people all over it, including the stripper pole that was on a small raised portion of the dance floor. We smiled and giggled at each other when we realized one of our favorite songs was on. We held hands as we hurried on to the dance floor. It was a rap song with a really good beat. We sang along as we moved in such a perfect way to showcase our bodies while we danced.

We danced for quite a while before I turned around, while continuing dancing, to see how busy the bar nearest to the dance floor was. I was feeling good and ready for my next drink. My back was now to my friend, but only for a few seconds. Before I could turn around, I felt gentle hands on my waist, and body heat up and down the whole of the back of my body. I barely had to turn my head before I heard Maria quietly laugh and ask, “What are you looking at?”. I didn’t even need to reply. She was always ready for another drink. Once again, we held hands as we exited the dance floor. I had her follow me to the bar. We got our drinks, and grabbed an empty booth near the bar.

The booths were pretty dark, which was nice when we were ready to take a break.after dancing for a while. The seating portion of the booth was in the shape of a U. We both slid in to the very back, sitting only inches apart. We still hadn’t seen any of our friends, which was surprising, as it was already nearly midnight, and they were usually there by then. We weren’t upset or disappointed. We were always happy to see them, but we definitely knew how to have a good time on our own. I would be lying if I said we weren’t pretty drunk at this point. I barely noticed Maria reaching below the table. I didn’t even have time to question what she was doing before she looked at me, holding back laughter. Her hands came back above the table, and she was holding her beige lace thong she had put on when we got dressed that evening. She just took her panties off! What was she doing?! I must have looked confused, because she couldn’t hold her laughter any longer before she said, “They’re wet!”, continuing to smile.

That is not what I expected her to say. Then again, I wasn’t sure what I expected her to say. But when she said it, I instantly felt my nipples grow hard, and my pussy clench up. Strange. I had always openly mentioned how much I admired Maria’s beauty. I thought maybe I bragged so much about her because, as a best friend, I was biased. But never once had any sort of sexual intention or idea involving her crossed my mind, even though we were so close, some often questioned if we were in a relationship together.

I laughed and asked, “Why are your panties wet?” “It must have been all of that dancing! It gets me going sometimes, I guess. I hate wearing wet panties. I’d rather wear none at all, honestly,” she said. She laid the panties on the seat beside her, as if it would be normal if a stranger walked by and saw her wet panties laying there.

I wrote it off, and we had a few more drinks. We had been drinking all night. The club wouldn’t be open too much longer. We needed to discuss what we wanted to do after that happened. I was about to mention my thoughts when Maria started talking. “I just wanted to say thank you and express my love for you. You’ve always been such a good friend to me, ever since we met in high school. You’ve always been loyal to me. You’ve always taken care of me. You’ve always been there for me. And of course, nights like this are so much fun. You are my best friend, Tayler”. Oh God. She was definitely drunk. It was cute though. I laughed and told her that no thanks were needed. Besides, what are friends for. She quickly leaned in and surprised me with a kiss. It was tender and soft. No tongue. Just a very innocent peck on the lips. We lingered just like that for a few seconds. We both slowly pulled away and looked into each others’ eyes.

“Was that weird?”, she asked. I didn’t even have to think about it. It wasn’t. I didn’t know what had just happened, but I didn’t mind it one bit. I didn’t even respond. I started kissing her again. This time, I used my tongue to slowly slide in between her lips. She allowed me through so easily. She wanted the same thing. Our tongues slowly looped around and flicked each other. We closed our mouths and started up again. She was an amazing kisser. We were so in sync. It wasn’t sloppy at all. It was perfect. I leaned her so that she was laying on her back on the booth. I climbed on top of her, straddling her. There could have been 10 people in that club, or 10000. At this point, it didn’t feel like anyone was there but us.

We continued to kiss and it got more aggressive. We both started panting and heaving. Things were getting hot and heavy. Both of her hands went to my tits like magnets. She pulled my dress down so that my breasts were both completely out and visible. She continued to caress my boobs while I started rubbing her soft legs up and down, thinking about when I had lotioned them for her earlier that night. I quickly decided I knew where I wanted this to go.

I slid my right hand up the inside of her thigh, remembering that her panties were no longer on her body. At that point, I felt a slow squirt of hot liquid run out of my pussy and fill the crotch of the leopard print g-string i had worn to match my dress. Fuck, I loved what was happening. I would have never expected it.

My hand continued, as her hands still rubbed the top of my body, and she arched her back, moaning and smiling in excitement while feeling my hand exploring her. I finally felt my index and middle finger brush against her bald, clean shaven pussy. Her lips were plump, and I could feel the moisture she had been projecting. I slowly started rubbing her clit in little circles, just the way I like it done to me. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss while I pleasured her. My tits were still nude, and rubbed all over her dressed and cute 32B chest. Her hand grabbed my ass firmly, and this time, our kiss was wet and hot and sloppy. I felt her begin to pull up my dress over my ass when we were interrupted.

I opened my eyes to see a cock in my face. A man was standing in front of us, watching, with a group of about 15 other guys right behind him. “I play on my college’s baseball team. Do you like baseball players?”, he asked. Still turned on, upset that we had been interrupted, but intrigued by the courage of this stranger when Maria broke my thoughts by replying to the man, “I hate baseball. It’s the most boring sport”. She looked angry and disgusted. I could tell she had no interest in his presence. Tits still in full glory, I smiled at the man, and the others behind him, and said, “I love baseball players.”