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By: SaraHarmon

Every Fall it’s the same trip, a quick shot up to the mountains to look at the beautiful colors on the hillsides. It was mid-October, which was a lot earlier than we normally traveled up there, but this year we were determined to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway farther than we ever had before. And this year I was determined to catch my sunrise and sunset. We trekked up the mountains in our rented Escalade. We had a bed made up in the back with snacks, a cooler, and firewood. The perfect vehicle for a couple road trippers such as ourselves. Leaves fell around us and the mountains were dotted with colors like a pointillism painting. Yellows, golds, reds, oranges, even some deep purples and Browns blended throughout the trees as we drove down winding roads, clashing with the bright blue of the sky dotted with puffs of small clouds.

I glanced at my chauffeur lovingly. We’d been together almost three years now and this was one of my favorite times with him. The sun bounced off his bright blue eyes and scraggly beard, his messy hair covered by his always-there backwards cap. I laid my hand over his on the gear shift and he glanced over at me and smiled. I loved when he looked at me that way. That look that only people that have a deep love for each other can share. A quick soul-piercing, “I-know-you-like-the-back-of-my-hand” look.

The sun was setting as we reached the peak of where we wanted to be that evening, Newfound Gap. The perfect place to watch the sunrise in the morning…and for the time being we were all alone. I wrapped my sweater tightly around me, my red hair falling in my face as I got out the car with him. We set up our fire pit and got a fire going as the sun dropped below the horizon. The last beams of light covering the sky in watercolors.

I scooted close to him and he put his arm around me. We had pulled out our mattress topper by the fire and covered it in pillows and blankets to keep warm. It was a bone-chilling 34 degrees and me and cold weather didn’t particularly enjoy each other.
My nipples were hard enough to cut glass at this point and poked through my tight shirt, poking into Matt’s arm.

He looked over at me with a schoolboy grin, “Tryin’ to slice my arm open over there?”

“Hardly. I’m just friggin cold! Maybe we should just get back in the car and give up on this.”, I cuddled him closer.

“No no no, I’ll keep you warm. I promise.”

He brushed my hair behind my ear and kissed my neck softly, trailing his lips over my ear and whispering, “There’s more than one way to keep warm….”

My body shuddered and tingled at his touch as he traced my erect nipple lightly with his finger and nibbled on my ear. I giggled quietly, “You sure you wanna do this here?”

“Why not? The fire. This bed. The stars. Besides, this is to keep you warm remember?”
He slipped his hand down my pants and over my slightly wet pussy, “Mmmm, someone wants this pretty badly. Crotch less panties too? You slut.”

“Only for you baby….”

I turned and kissed him deeply as he massaged my pussy and swelling clit. I moaned softly, and took his hat off, running my hands through his hair to the nape of his neck and pulling him closer. My body relaxed and rose with every stroke from his confident hands. I bit his lip teasingly as his fingers slid back and forth over my wet clit and I moaned into his mouth. His finger slipped inside me and I squeezed my pussy around them, arching my back.

It was getting harder to breathe, with every stroke of his finger. I wanted to enjoy it, every last moment, remaining as relaxed as I could possibly stand. I wanted to savor the rise, to float on the edge of the cliff before diving off, being entrapped in pleasure.
My hips rocked in time with his movements, his fingers dripping in my wetness as I pushed him deeper and deeper in me. Warmth spread throughout my body and I felt myself on the edge, knowing I was going over, but trying to enjoy every last second between arousal and climax. This was my favorite part; the moment before orgasm when the world fell away and I was in a state of unparalleled bliss.

“Cum for me baby…”, he whispered in my ear breathing hot and heavy on my neck. I cried out as he whispered something else that I couldn’t make out, and honestly didn’t care. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body as I shook and shuddered, my body going limper and limper being enveloped in the pillows and blankets around us.

He flipped me over and pulled my pants down to my knees, pulling my body towards him and shoving my face into the pillow. I let out a slight moan, watching the fire crackle as his hard cock pressed against me and then inside me, making my back arch as I felt his girth squeezing into me. He wrapped my hair around his hand and thrust, using his grip on my ass and hair to help his movements. Our shadows danced on the ground behind us as he fucked me by the fire. He ran his nails down my back making me arch my back harder and tighten around him, making him moan softly and thrust harder, our bodies slapping against each other.

I felt his body stiffening, his breath becoming faster and hotter. He slapped my ass hard and gripped my hips as I clenched the pillow tight, feeling him pulsing inside of me. He let out a loud, brutish moan as did I, as he filled me…neither of us caring about the possible consequences. He collapsed on the bed beside me and we caught our breath. I leaned over and kissed him, smiling, “Well, I’m definitely warm now.”
He laughed between stuttered breaths, “Told you there was more than one way to get warm.”

I adjusted my clothes and went to the car to grab some of the fresh cider we’d picked up and went and nestled back beside him, looking up at the sky.

“It’s so beautiful out here”, I muttered.

“YOU’RE so beautiful out here.”

I laughed, “Shut the fuck up, Matt.”

We drifted off to sleep under the stars and awoke to the sound of birds and the first rays of sunlight peaking over the mountains in front of us. What a great first night of our annual trip. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store next…