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“You have to remain very still,” he said, “no matter what I do. Or else, this boat will tip.”
“I thought you said you were into bondage,” I scoffed.
“No,” he replied, that half-evil half-smile I couldn’t resist. “I said I was into restraint.”

We’re on the lake just beyond the boathouse, in a rented canoe on a hot day. It is our second date and the tension has been building. He is handsome, athletic, and just a bit out of my league. He knows it, too. I have always gone for the older and wiser type and he is certainly the first one, at least.
His hand runs expertly up my inner thigh and I’m a goner. Moments before, I’d been lying back and basking in the sun, enjoying a Spring day out on the water. But then he got that look in his eyes. Maybe it was my sundress. Maybe it was how confident I looked.
This is the first time he’s touched me and I want desperately to lean up and kiss him, to push up against him and feel the heat of our bodies, but he’s right. I can’t move at all, or I’ll fall into the water – and that’s the last thing I want to do. His fingers curl into me and my hips buck up, rocking the boat. He laughs.
“Oh, is something wrong? Careful, darling. Don’t want to move too much…”

He rakes the nails of his other hand into my thigh and I gasp. I can feel myself tightening around him already, and I’m embarrassed by how I’m losing control of my body and how easily he is able to make me want him and especially how quickly it is all happening. I start moaning and I’m just sure anyone else in the water can hear it echoing out through the trees. Laying in the boat, I am completely hidden – as long as I don’t move – and I’m struggling to keep quiet. He smirks at me, never taking his eyes off of me as he brings me so close to cumming.

“Now, now,” he says. “I can stop if you don’t think you can handle it.”

“No!” I almost shout, and his eyes widen in judgement. “No,” I grit my teeth. “Don’t stop.”

“You sure? You seem a little… nervous.”

“Don’t. Stop.” I put one hand on either side of the canoe and I close my eyes. Suddenly, I feel the orgasm ripping through me as he uses his fingers to push me over the break. I throw my head back and buck my hips up and forget where we are. Until, of course, I’ve shaken the boat so much that we have created a wake in the water and we’re rocking back and forth as I pull my dress down and sit up, shaking.
His eyes are on me and he brings his fingers to his mouth and it’s so hot I think I could cum again.
“Your thighs are soaking,” he says. “And to think, you never even went in the water.”