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I stepped out of the taxi cab and onto the curb as the driver opened the trunk and removed my luggage for me. The air was cool from the lifting early morning fog. It caressed my soft skin and jolted to my nipples. I felt them tingle as I moved and the thin fabric of my blouse gently grazed them. I paid the driver, and as he accepted his payment, I noticed his gaze on my chest.
“Thank you for the ride,” I said quickly.
“You’re very welcome,” he responded as I hurriedly pulled up the handle on my suitcase and darted into the airport.

I found my way to the long security line. After what seemed like an eternity, I had passed through and headed towards my gate. I looked at my phone to see I still had plenty of time, two and a half hours before they would at least start boarding. Being so used to a fast paced lifestyle, I slowed down to look at the airport directory. I made a mental map of how to find my gate and then headed to the nearest bathroom.

As I walked, I felt myself relaxing and unwinding already. Finally a vacation away from the husband and kids. As much as I love them, being a professor of psychology and an involved parent and wife is exhausting work.

I walked into the bathroom and gazed at myself in the full length mirror. I combed my slim fingers through my long black hair, pinning my natural loose curls up. A messy do felt like the perfect hairstyle for the tropical weather of Cancun.

I started to touch my wine colored lipstick, which looked stunning against my caramel Indian skin tone, when another woman walked in and started fussing with her hair. She was blond and had a petite frame, much like mine, but she was slightly taller.

“You wouldn’t happen to have another hair pin, would you?” she asked me.

“Sure!” I responded as I handed her the pin.

I continued to touch up my lipstick, and as I did, I noticed her gaze was on my face as she pinned her bangs back, away from her face. I paused with my lipstick pressed on my pouty lips, and she looked  away quickly.

“Did you need something else?” I asked kindly.

“That lip color looks amazing on you! I wish I could pull of a color like that!” she said excitedly.

“What do you mean? This color would go well with your skin tone!” I said to her, surprised. Then I handed it to her with a q-tip to let her try it.

“Thank you!”

I watched her apply it, tracing her lips with my eyes as she traced them with the q-tip and lip color. I suddenly felt that tingling across my skin, and felt my nipples harden. She stepped back from the mirror, and looked at me.

“What do you think?” she inquired.

“Wow! I was right, it looks really good one you!” I felt the familiar tingling shoot down to my thighs as I said that. Then I noticed her gaze on my chest.

“Wow! You must really like how it looks on me,” she said with a coy smile. She took a step towards me, and I stepped back.

“It’s okay, I’m just handing you your lipstick back.”

“Oh! Well thank you.”

As she placed the lipstick in my palm, her green eyes were locked on my brown ones. Then I felt her fingers glide up my arm, and my breath caught in my chest. I raised one finger, and brushed her lips, smearing the color. Then I felt myself pressing my lips against hers, and she pulled me closer.

We backed up into a stall and shut the door, and frantically began ripping each other’s clothes off. I felt her nibbling on my nipples, caressing  my ass, as I kissed her neck. I felt the heat between my legs as if I were on fire, and dripping wet at the same time.

Then I felt her sweet mouth on my clit, teasing me slowly. I moaned with pleasure. It had been too long since someone had kissed me there. I wanted to be in her then. I stood her up, and pinned her to wall of the stall and caressed her silky soft lips of her pussy, and then massaged the inside of her with one finger, and she loved it. I could feel her hot wet pussy quiver around my finger as she moaned, and I kissed her passionately.

I could feel her own fingers inside my pussy massaging my g-spot. God it felt so good. I could feel my juices flowing out of me and down my thighs.  We moaned passionately together as we got wetter and wetter. I could feel it more intensely, building up inside me. I couldn’t stop it.

I felt wave after wave of intense pleasure, releasing itself in streams of my creamy juice, drenching my lover in it, her small tummy, down her thighs.

“Oh my god, yes, yes! Cum all over me baby!”

And I did, I came all over everything. The way she made my body quiver and shake as she massaged my clit, rubbing it between her fingers, rolling it, no man ever made me cum like that, not even my husband.

I had to have more….