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I went to Amsterdam the first time with my boyfriend at the time….he’d been before so he knew what to expect but it was such a culture shock for me….and I’m not easily surprised! He brought me into this booth that was literally the size of a toilet cubicle ….there was just enough room for me to sit and him to squeeze in beside me standing! Once we were in there was floor to ceiling glass in front with the same size and set up on the other side except where ours was a door….across the other side was a curtain and he told me to pick a number on the wall. Out came a woman on the other side and she played with herself and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t watch!

When I returned to Amsterdam, I was with friends and I was more ready than ever to experience it all. We had a few drinks and a few smokes so I was feeling a little giggly and horny and Lauren suggested the peep show….I knew exactly where I wanted to go!

We went into a booth each and I pressed my number waiting expectantly….I was wearing a grey dress and tights (with pigtails) and I waited on the curtain…..this gorgeous eastern European looking girl came in. She didn’t have much in the way of boobs but her gorgeous legs went on forever. They took my breath away!

She was wearing a little white bra and tiny matching French knickers!So she came in and gave me a confident little wave, and parked herself down opposite. Her knees were touching mine on the other side of the glass and I remembered how intimate this was the first time around.

She looked me in the eyes and began peeling down the straps of her bra,dipping her hands into the cups to tweak her nipples and kept constant eye contact with me looking up through thick dark lashes. I knew I only had 15 mins with her, so rather than waste time I stood up,hitched up my dress and eased down my tights.

She looked a little surprised at first because I looked so innocent,but then she started smiling knowing exactly what was on my mind. She stood up slowly and turned around, she bent over a little while she took down her panties,I could see every inch of her perfect little pussy as she slid down her French knickers and I was soaking instantly.

When she turned around to face me again, she pressed her boobs against the glass and I automatically reached to the glass and touched them while she unhooked her bra. She dropped her bra to the floor and parted her legs. I was aching to see more of her, all of her, aware of my time restraints and more turned on than I had ever felt!

She started to touch herself, nodding encouragingly for me to do the same. She sat back down so that we were eye level again and teased her clit really slowly. I touched my pussy for the first time since stepping into the booth and my breath hitched at just how wet this gorgeous hooker made me!

I matched speed and looked her dead in the eye the whole time, her eye contact making up for the intimacy the glass prevented. I knew I had to cum before the time was up. I couldn’t leave without watching her body squirm to orgasm. I slipped one finger into my tight pussy while I stroked my pulsing clit with the other and she mirrored my actions to perfection, her eyes teasing, her tongue escaping her mouth with concentration.

My body ached for just a little more. I put a second finger in and it felt so good, filling me up bit sliding in with ease. I took them out and sucked them slowly, wanting to show my Eastern promise that I liked how sweet tasted. I wanted to watch her do it too and without hesitation she eagerly sucked and licked every drop of wetness from her slender hands.

I slid a little further down in my seat and fucked myself hard. We matched for speed and I knew she was close too. I felt my breath increase, slow quick breaths and my body begin to tense. I nodded to her but I realised her head was thrown back and she was already in ecstasy. Just watching her tipped me over the edge and a warm intense feeling overcame me as my body peaked and I came. It felt like my orgasm lasted for hours.

When we finished and took our breath for a minute, I put my wet fingers on the glass and she did the same. As our wet fingers touched, my heart skipped a beat. She gave me a little wink, I blew her a kiss and I walked out totally flustered! Lauren said she was mortified in her booth and I said me too, I’m so red I couldn’t even look at her….little did she know!