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It is the middle of July and it is warm and somewhat dewy outside. The sun has just set not long ago. Scott could not get her off of his mind no matter how hard he tried. This woman that captured his attention was name Anne. But there was one problem that got in Scott’s way: Anne was married and off limits leaving him to only fantasize about her from a distance.

With Anne on his mind and a hard cock, Scott decided to take a cold shower, get dressed, and go to the bar to relax and have a few drinks. ” A shot of whisky,” Scott told the bartender. He was starting to relax as the music played and the people began pouring in, and for once he actually forgot about her.

But that didn’t last long. Scott heard a familiar voice talking and laughing and his heart began to pound like crazy. He began to scan the room with his eyes and then he saw her. Anne was sitting at a table with her husband and a few friends. Once their eyes met, she gave him a shy smile and he smiled back.

“What the fuck is going on?” Scott wondered. He ordered two more shots and tried to contain the hard cock that sat beneath the bar table. Anne’s husband and friends were laughing and having a good time, meanwhile Anne had her eye on Scott. She was sipping her drink and giving him an almost seductive stare. It was hard for Scott to not just get up, walk over to her, snatch her up and give her what he knew she wanted.

But that was just yet another fantasy. The DJ played what must have been music to her ears because she got up, grabbed her husband’s hand and headed to the dance floor. She was so beautiful. Tonight she wore a little black dress and red heels, her hair was long and curly and her glasses gave her the most seductive “school teacher” look ever.

As the music played she would thrust her hips against her husbands pelvis, almost teasing Scott. Her husband even looked somewhat shocked by her behavior. Anne pulled her husband close, only to look over his shoulder at Scott and blow him a kiss as she lightly kissed her husbands neck. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she was loving every second of it.

The bulge in Scott’s pants was just what she aimed for, and she was turned on at this point. After the song was over she excuses herself from the table and went to the lady’s room. She splashed a little water on her face, and just as she was about to dry it she looked up and there stood Scott in the mirror.

Shocked, but turned on, he grabbed her from behind and buried his face in her hair as he kissed her neck…Anne was turned on and did not stop him. Pressing his rock hard cock against her ass was more than she could take. Anne looked into his eyes and he knew what she wanted. Scott picked her up and sat her on the sink where he pulled her panties to the side so that he could taste her. Anne moaned and pulled his head in deeper as she let out his name.

“Scott, i need you to make me cum” and he was going to make sure he did just that. He flicked his tongue on her small clit as her pussy throbbed and her legs shook from anticipation. She wanted to cum so bad for him as she said “fuck me Scott, i want you to fuck me.” Scott picked her up and put her against the wall as he pulled her panties to the side and plunged his 8 inch cock deep into her pussy. He began to stroke in and out as they looked into one another eyes.

Anne had a sweet pussy that she wanted to taste off of his lips, which turned him on that much more. “cum on this dick for me Anne …” Scott growled. Her titties bouncing and her cunt gripping his cock, they were both close to climax. He bent her over, pulled her dress up and slid his cock into her tight cunt from the back as they looked at one another in the mirror.

Lipstick smudged and hair a mess, Anne began to cum… ” I’m cumming for you..keep fuckin me Scott…i’m cummin…”  Scott’s legs became weak as he had the most explosive orgasim in his life. Once they were done, Anne washed her hands, fixed her dress and hair, fixed her make up and made her way back to her table. Although she was only gone 10 minutes to Scott it felt like a lifetime. The next day, Anne and her husband passed Scott walking in the local grocery store. Anne’s heart pounded as she looked back at him, only to see him looking back too. They both smiled knowing that this was just the beginning to something very very naughty.