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By: CheekySandy

Rick had decided to join a writing group that met in the evenings after work in order to re-spark his passion and hoped to find inspiration from others. Being a recruiter, Rick spent most of his days talking to people, creating connections and running around. Then he would go home to his wife and enact his everyday routine, dinner, tv, shower, sleep. Occasionally he would slip into the study and watch different variations of the same porn for a quick cum.  

Unbeknownst to him, Sandy, a recent college graduate, had been checking him out every day the group met. She was a huge fan of his writing and found herself striking up a bit of a crush on him. She saw the band on his left ring finger and told herself to stay away because she didn’t want to start any drama.  One evening the group instructor had doled out seemingly simple instructions; partner with someone and exchange ideas. Immediately, students were partnered and had found two seats next to each other. Rick and Sandy were left to partner with each other  

‘uh oh’ thought Sandy…’this is going to be hard.’  She uncrosses her long legs, and begins to approach Rick. She notices him staring so she pretends to drop her pencil, turns around and bends over—her ass stretching her skirt across its surface. Turning back, she notices Rick’s eyes fixated on her, with a laugh she thinks ‘maybe this won’t be as hard as I thought’.   

Standing over Rick she says, “do you want to work together?” and he snaps back into reality, stutters a “certainly” and fumbles with his journal and pen. She walks over to a little nook in the room hidden from the rest of the classroom. Sits down facing him, and again catches him staring.  After some time, Rick starts to toy with the waistband on his pants and readjusts multiple times. She knew immediately then that he was turned on. But he was still married so she knew he would never make the first move!  

She stood up in a rage—but in a tone that couldn’t be heard from around the nook over the voices of the others she proclaimed “How dare you?!” Rick looks confused and stands up too in order to attempt to show his masculinity and authority but a measly “I’m sorry what do you mean?” comes out.

She doesn’t hesitate and thrusts her right hand forward grabbing his full package from underneath, takes a step closer so she’s right in his face and says, “this is what I mean you pervert.” Holding it in her hand as he looks at her with wide eyes and a dropped jaw she growls, “you’re married.” 

Using his crotch as a steering tool, she throws him down on the couch and says “you’re going to do exactly as I say or I am going to tell everyone that you’re a dirty little pervertHe begins to plead for mercy but before she can even process what he’s saying she says “SHUT UP. You’re mine now.” 

As she is looking over him, the instructor comes around the corner and says, “hey guys we are done for the day.” Sandy quickly responds, “awesome! We were just finishing up here, just sorting out our last ideas” in the sweetest voice, then immediately says to him “get up, tonight you’re my bitch. Tell your wife you’re not coming home”  

He begins to plead for mercy, so she rips off his belt, undoes his pants and pulls out his rock hard cock. “do it or I’ll call everyone over and tell them I caught you jerking off while we work.” He immediately grabs his phone and calls his wife and while they’re talking Sandy pulls out a chastity belt. As soon as his hard on weakens, she locks up his cock in the cage. He stops mid-sentence, says he’s having an emergency and hangs up. 

“What the hell?”  

“Don’t even bother complaining, you WILL do everything I say tonight, and you WILL learn to stop complaining. Every order will be met with a ‘yes miss’ do you understand?” 

“uh wha


“Yes miss” he says and he feels his cock pressing against the sides of the cage. 

“Good boy” she says. 

She makes him drive her home, crossing her legs in the car, taking off her heels, and pantyhose, and unbuttoning the top of her blouse. The car swerves as Rick watches Sandy get comfortable. She scolds him and tells him there will be a punishment when they get home. And just then they’re pulling up into her garage. Rick wastes no time in opening the door for her and grabbing all of her stuff, beginning to accept his role as her little slave for tonight. They get inside, and as he sets it all down Sandy grabs his arm and leads him to the couch where she handcuffs him to the armrest and goes upstairs. Rick fidgets with the handcuffs trying to escape them.  

Sandy comes back down the stairs holding a heavy looking bag. He sees the muscles in her arms and her legs tightening with each movement. Standing in front of him she sets down the bag and slowly pulls out what strikes him as torture devices. Let’s play a game,” she says slowly and confidently. “I’ll do what I want with you and you’re going to enjoy it, if you protest I will call your wife and have her listen to you getting fucked on speaker, if you resist I will post pictures of you tied up to your social media, if you relax and obey you may have an intense orgasm.”

Stunned, Rick looks into Sandy’s eyes hoping for some hint at a joke but her eyes reflected her mind—clear as day, she knew exactly what she wanted. He decides he will not risk it and will do exactly as she says. “I’ll submit myself to your every will miss.” 

“Good,” she hisses, already stripping him naked. His underwear was wet from the precum that had been leaking since their class. She peeled it off to reveal the little cage she had on him, full of his engorging penis. Sandy straddles him, lifting her skirt and touching her wet pussy to his cage. “Can you feel the warmth of my pussy Rick?” He gives her a nod with fervor and no words come out. She begins to rub her clit right over his cock as it begs to come out of the cage. He tries to reach around and grab her but his hands are halted by the cuffs. Then he tries to push up and adjust his legs but they’re tightly bound to the legs of the chair. “Give it up rick. You will do it my way tonight,” Sandy whispers. Once he stops moving she lifts herself back up right above his cock so he can feel her warmth and her pussy juices drip onto the head of his cock. She begins to touch herself slowly, deliberately looking him right in the eyes and continues to do so until she has a body shaking orgasm and leaks her cum all over his encased cock. “I cum first, always.” 

She blindfolds and gags him. Then he hears her opening something then closing it.  And before he knows it, her soft and slippery finger is gliding from his balls to his asshole where it stops and slowly is turned to the right then to the left, sinking into his ass. Unable to say anything soft muttering comes out from around his gag and Sandy says “oh yeah you like that don’t you?” giving herself permission to push the finger in further until she is fingering his asshole, hitting him right on the p spot. The muttering turns into moaning and she knows how much he is enjoying it, so she lubes up the pink silicone vibratorworks it into his ass, then turns it on. She unlocks his cage letting his fat cock grow even thicker and longer until its straight up the tip flirting with her tiny wet slit 

She grabs the base of his cock and slips only the head into her pussy. It fits so tight that Rick moans even harder. She pulls him out and sits onto his lower stomach, grinding her pussy against him, teasing his cock as it begs for more. She sees his cock begin to tense up with the desire to cum and turns off the vibrator. Putting clamps on his nipples, the surprise of the feelings and the complete surrender to her perverted ideas turned him on even more. She slowly slips the tip of his cock in again and it begins to twitch. She pulls up and gets off.

In suspense Rick waits, and after what seemed like ages, the ropes on his ankles fall and the handcuffs release him, but Sandy quickly grabs the back of his gag and moves him forward until he feels her behind him. Again he hears a click—lube? All of a sudden the tip of a cold silicone cock is pushing against his asshole, her right hand wraps around to hold his cock, and her left hand grabs his hips so he can’t go anywhere, slowly she begins to fuck him and stroke his cock at the same time. She sees the chills go up his spine and spread from his neck across his shoulders, covering his arms with goosebumps.

She takes off his gag and starts fucking him a little faster. “Do you like that” “yes god fuck me miss I am your toy to do with as you please”. She strokes his cock faster, the little dildo in his ass moving faster and faster. She tells him to cum when she gets to zero and begins to count. “10” she grips his cock a little harder. “9” she pounds his all a little deeper. “8″ she strokes him faster. ‘7, 6, 5, 4″ she steadily strokes his cock as fast as she can fucking his ass hitting the exact spot of his sensitive prostate. “I‘m going to cum” he manages to say “On my count… or else” she utters with authority and confidence. This makes his balls fill up with cum ready to explode. 3… 2…. she takes her hand and moves it from his hip to his upper back, pushes him all the way down so his face is near the floor. 1—she grabs his cock and angles it so its aiming exactly at his face. 0, cum now—he cant help it, he squirts ropes of cum from his rock hard cock right onto his chin, mouth, cheeks, up his nose, into his eyes. Coated in his own cum Rick’s knees begin to fold ‘ohh ohh god fuck”   

She giggles lightly, pulls out the dildo and the strap on drops to her feet as he falls to his knees. “Youre not done yet” she takes him upstairs to her bed and shows him the bell she will ring whenever he is to come eat her pussy. And sends him to the foot of the bed to sleep with a list of what she wanted for breakfast the next morning.

Under his name for breakfast all she had listed: my pussy.