By: BlondXOXO

Abigail Johnson was what one would call a classy lady. She held herself with grace and everyone who saw her thought she walked on air. She was ambitious and self-sufficient and never depended on anyone. An innocent lover of the church, she taught a Sunday school class in her hometown.  

Abigail moved to a new city for college. Feeling a little overwhelmed and lonely, Abigail’s first instinct was to stop by a Saint Patricks Catholic Church, which she had spotted while traveling to her new life. Abigail went inside and discovered a group of young men sitting on the right side of the alter all in black robes talking with a priest who was dressed in white and green. With the colourful lights from the stain glass window falling upon them, it was like they were on stage. Intrigued by what she saw and the smell of the incense which filled the church, Abigail drifted to a pew at the back of the church and gracefully floated until her plump bottom reached the bench and watched. After watching what only seemed to her as a minute, a young man, Elliot Rome caught Abigail’s eye. He was a pleasant man, always had a calm demeanour and a welcoming smile placed on his face. She observed him with her lusting eyes, not realising how obvious she was as she admired his short brown hair that elegantly just shapes his strong defined jaw, and those round green eyes that could make anyone fall under his spell.

Fully aware of his admirer sitting at the back of the church, Elliot makes his way towards her after the group of young men are dismissed. Abigail becomes aware of her trance-like state and becomes panicked that he is approaching her. It’s too late, she cannot leave without it being obvious that she would be avoiding him, so she sits with the sinful thoughts in her head, with her back straight looking and elegant as possible but with her legs quivering at the thought of the man she was admiring for the last 45 minutes now approaching her.

Elliot now by her side and smiling, Abigail catching his gaze as the light hits those beautiful green eyes just right and she smile shyly, Elliot asks “may I sit?”. Abigail obliges and scoots up the pew while trying to counsel the moisture between her legs to make room for his broad body. Elliot is as much infatuated with Abigail as she is with him. Her long wavy blonde hair that sits so impeccably upon her shoulders and her bright blue eyes that remind him of his favourite lake in summer intrigue him.

With a deep but comforting voice, Elliot jokingingly says “Admiring the view, were we?” with an uneven grin. Abigail in shock and blushing by the confident words that came from his mouth returns with “NO! I…I was wondering what you were doing, that is all. I assume you are all priests in training?” Elliot chuckles knowing he has caught her off-guard but replies with “yes we are. I am Elliot soon to be Father Rome. Its nice to meet such an exquisite admirer.” As he follows her body from toe to head with his eyes slowly gazing longer at her lively 34DD breasts. Abigail privately enjoying him cherishing her body with his eyes responses, “nice to meet you Elliot, I am Abigail Johnson” as she gives him a sensual look with those big, bright, child like blue eyes. “Abi. What a seductive name, I could see myself moaning it in the future”, Elliot answers. “IT IS Abi…GAIL!”, Abigail snaps back.

Elliot still with his fearless morale touches her hand, lifts it to his lips, looks her in the eye, kisses her hand and says “my apologies miss Abigail.” Red in the face and getting wet, Abigail crosses her legs making it aware to Elliot that he is exciting her, which pushes him to test her next level. Elliot takes the hand he gently kissed and guides it gently onto his semi-erect penis. Abigail acting innocent turns red and lowers her head with a slight curve of a smile but doesn’t move her hand, letting her hand linger so she can feel what Elliot has hidden under those thick black robes.

The two share a lustful look of sexual desire and Abigail blurts out “I’m a virgin” while maintaining eye contact with the floor. Elliot lifts her head with his index and middle finger under her chin until his gaze meets hers and says “I’ll be gentle.” Elliot takes Abigail’s hand that was rested on his manhood, which is now fully erect but hidden well under the heavy robes and guides her to a confession box, to the far left side wall out of the way of the few scattered church goers who are praying in silence, trying to avoid any suspicion. Dressed in a little light weight purple dress, Abigail is nervous and excited for what she hopes will happen in that box. Elliot on the other hand knowing full well that he wants to rip that tiny light dress of that firm toned body but enjoying the suspense of the slow silent walk to the confession box.

Once in the confession box standing face to face, bodies already touching due to the lack of space, Elliot so close he can hear Abigail’s heart beat and asks “are you ready?”, with her hands on his chest feeling the muscular body that lies within, she nods with an innocent grin not aware of what awaits her. Elliot takes of his black robe, along with the shirt, and trousers that were hidden underneath and stands naked, as he watches Abigail adore what God give him.

He enjoys watching her admiration turn to horror when she realises that colossal beast is going in her tight untouched flower. Elliot unzips her dress slowly from the back, enjoying Abigail’s body quivering as the strap glide down off her shoulders. Then he rips!!! it of her as she stands embarrassed by her nudity, he kisses her neck as he unbuckles her bra which instantly relaxes and excites Abigail so much so she lets outs a low toned “MMMMMMMMM”, the bra comes off revealing her erect nipples that he can also feel against his chest.

Elliot twists his hand in her long hair and forces her to her knees in just her purple lace panties and whispers “ask for forgiveness” with a wink. Abigail not sure if she will be satisfying to the good-looking priest before her, starts to kiss his head and lick his shaft like it was a lolly pop enjoying the taste of pre- cum that already awaits. He moans with pleasure and leans his hips towards her mouth which encourages Abigail. She places his generous cock in her mouth and begins to bob her head changing speed for his pleasure.

Elliot desired her to go deeper so with his hand already in her hair he guides her forcefully to his own rhythm and makes her deep throat his giant member, she slightly chokes and a tear runs down her face as she gasps for air. Elliot gives her the release and she begins to suck as though her life depends on it. Elliot’s cock begins to pulse and erupts in her face surprising Abigail as this is all new to her. Elliot sighs “lick it up!” and Abigail does as directed. Elliot then lifts Abigail to her feet and starts sucking her breasts and she moans a little to loud, Elliot spanks her and says “quiet, or we go to hell.” He gropes her breasts as he kisses lower and lower until he reaches her dripping wet pussy, teasing her with his tongue. Kissing and sucking on her clit as her body tenses in pleasure and she says in hushed tones “fuck me already!”

Elliot looks up at the goddess in front of him smiling at how much she craves his penis and forces her to her knees, then to all fours and penetrates her without warning. Abigail lets out a loud enjoyable whimper “OOOMMHHMM”, attracting the attention of the church goers and they pause, hoping no one comes to see what the fuss was about. When Elliot discovers they are safe to continue, he begins to thrust Abigail like a little doll at his disposal. He grabs her bouncing tits that are rocking to his rhythm and squeezes. He enjoys her body movement against his large cock.

Elliot’s breathing starts to increase in volume and Abigail knows he is about to cum in her and she smirks at her accomplishment, as Elliot slides in and out of her tight wet pussy he spanks her as a well done and he say “are you ready” and Abigail moans lightly “yes!!!!” as she cums on his shaft and he cums in unison with her, his cock pulsing over and over squirting cum into her already dripping pussy. Abigail feels the warm cum in her pussy and they lock their position until Elliot is finished. Elliot takes his man-hood out of Abigail’s freshly used vagina, covered in their body juices and whispers in her ear “suck it dry”. Abigail who has been penetrated for the first time and a little in pain does as asked sitting on her knees like how she says her night time prayers and licks him clean. He lifts her of the ground holds her naked body close to him and passionately kisses her, catching her off guard. Abigail asks “will I see you again?” as Elliot dresses himself back into his black robes and he looks at her stunning nude body and says “until your next confession and leaves, as Abigail stands naked, satisfied and confused.