By: MiztressSophie

The sanctuary contains a dressing area for Miztress Sophie, a large stark, empty room in which slaves are to remove their clothes, an outer room containing pictures and a gold statute of Miztress, and an inner room for the worship ritual.  The inner room is round with the throne platform at the center.  The outer room circles the inner room and is used for preparation for worship.

1,000 slaves enter the outer room one by one.  Each kisses the feet of the statue of Miztress before moving into the clothes removal room.  After they have removed their clothes, the slaves return to the outer room and await their opportunity to enter the inner sanctuary.  They are summoned by the automatic opening of 10 doors.  100 slaves line up at each door and begin filing into the room.  As they enter the doorway, they dip their forefinger into a receptacle that contains Miztress’s golden nectar.  They make the shape of an “S”, for Sophie, on their foreheads with the nectar.  After doing this, they interlock their fingers behind their heads. The slaves do not enter comfortably.  They are one right behind the other, touching as they enter, with their walks in unison.  They encircle the throne platform and find their places.

A herald slave announces the entry of the Great Miztress Sophie Elizabeth.  The door to Her dressing room opens and She is carried in by four throne slaves.   As soon as She is visible, there is are 1,000 audible gasps at Her presence and beauty.  The throne slaves carry Miztress to the top of the throne platform, set down Her throne, and remove the carrying poles.  Miztress Sophie surveys Her army.

As Miztress Sophie looks around at Her adoring worshipers, She commands, “KNEEL.”  1,000 voices respond, “Yes Miztress Sophie” and as the slaves sink to their knees, their clitties rise to a stiff, throbbing attention.  Miztress Sophie smiles slightly at the absolute control She has over these 1,000 eager servants.  All eyes and clitties are focused on Her every move.  She basks in the deserved attention.

Miztress Sophie snaps Her fingers and 1,000 slaves quickly respond by reaching their arms toward Her and bowing low to the ground, reciting Her prayer in unison:


“Our Miztress, who art in Goddesses ‘ superior realm

Hallowed be Thy name, feverishly whispered by Your devotees


Thy will be done

By the army of slaves who come

Searching for Your light and guidance

Obeying always in Your absence as in Your presence

Redeemed in Thy worship

Enlightened by Your whip

in redemption and release of their sins

Grateful for Thy letting no trespassing

Blissfully knowing

Their eyes crying yet glowing

Being Thy property they will for ever be belonging

For ever adoring, needing and serving Thee

For thine is the Queendom, the power and the glory

For ever and ever;



The inner sanctuary echoes at the conclusion of the prayer, an echo of 1,000 dutiful slave voices.  The slaves return their hands to the back of their heads.


Miztress then stands and walks around the throne platform.  She says, “I desire 23 words of worship” NOW!   A throne slave says, “Miztress Sophie is”, Miztress points to a slave, and the slave quickly says, “Powerful”.  1,000 slaves say in unison “All praise be to the Powerful Miztress Sophie.”  The throne slave says “Miztress Sophie is”.  Miztress points to another slave and he says “Wise”.  1,000 voices proclaim, “All praise be to the wise Miztress Sophie.”  These words of praise continue 23 times as Miztress commanded.  Miztress is pleases with the prompt responses and commands Her army to stroke their clitties for Her.  They happily obey only to be told “CEASE!  HANDS ON HEAD” as they were reaching their limit.  Sometimes, Miztress is in a more gracious mood and commands “COME” and 1,000 slaves burst forth simultaneously on Her command.  A low, soulful groan accompanies the release when this is allowed by Miztress.


Today, Miztress wants to break a new slave.  She had him captured by four of Her slaves when She saw him and thought he could be of use to Her.  He has been reluctant and has spent nearly 2 weeks chained in the inner sanctuary watching the worship rituals.  Today he is taken by a leash attached to his balls to the feet of Miztress by Her throne slaves.  Miztress commands “Worship Me!”  The male says nothing.  Miztress commands him to be returned to his rack tied spread eagle, legs and arms.  The throne slaves obey.  She commands that his nipples be clamped.  The male grimaces in pain which brings a slight smile to Miztresses face.  She rises and descends to his rack.  “Worship me” She commands.  Again he says nothing.  She slaps him.  He does nothing.  Miztress raises Her heeled shoe and kicks him hard in the balls.  The male tries to double over but cannot because he is tied.  She kicks him again and raises Her eyebrows as he looks at Her.  She kicks him again and again until the male begins to weep.  He has seen these rituals before and knows exactly what to do.  “I  am ready to worship You, Miztress”.


Miztress returns to Her throne and the male is led by a throne slave by his clitty leash once again to Miztress’s feet.  “What do you have to say?”  Miztress asks.  “What are you?”  the male responds “I am a slave.”  “Whose are you?” Miztress asks gently.  “I am the property of Miztress Sophie”.  “Who will you be” asks the Great Miztress.  “I will be who Miztress Sophie says I will be and I will do what Miztress Sophie says I will do.”  “good pet” encourages Miztress Sophie.  “Now, what else?”  “Please name me, Miztress, I beg of You.”  “you did not seem to want to serve me, why should I accept your feeble pleas?”  “I am a male, Miztress, I am foolish.  I am weak, I am stupid before You, Miztress.  I will do anything I can to please You, Miztress.  I need You Miztress”.  “You need Me now, hmmm” says Miztress Sophie.  “BEG!”  The slave begins to weep and grovels, slobbering all over Miztress’s divine feet and shoes begging profusely to be accepted into Her army of slaves.  He is beside himself with grief at possibly losing this opportunity.  “Prove Your subservience, slave.”  Miztress commands.  The slave wiggles over behind Miztress, She slightly raises off the throne, and the new slave passionately kisses Her royal behind.  “You may now join the other slaves in worship.”  The new, once reluctant, slave eagerly takes his place among the masses who are gazing in amazement at Her beauty and power.