By: MsJennaCyde

The sky was black and the rain was so hard you couldn’t see but a few feet in front of you. Thunder exploded and the lightning lit up the whole sky. Abby had no idea where she was, and she was cursing herself for not getting gas back when she saw that rest stop. It was rundown and it looked like the place where you’d become a “missing person”, but at least if she had stopped, she wouldn’t be running on fumes in this horrible downpour. After a few miles, Abby felt her car start to sputter to a stop and she slammed her hands on the wheel. The fact that her cell phone had no service in this shit hole didn’t help. She was about to burst out in tears at her defeat when a huge bolt of lightening struck and in that quick second she noticed a little farmhouse about a hundred yards north. Abby figured if anything, at least they might have a phone. She decided to make the trek on foot and hope for the best.

Charlie had just started a fire when he heard a knock on the door. “Who the hell is out in this storm?” he thought to himself. He stood up from his chair, turned on the porch light and peeked out the side window. It was still so hard to see with the rain, but it looked like there was a woman standing there, and she didn’t look like she was from around here. Charlie walked over to the front door and before opening it, asked “Can I help you miss?”

Abby was nervous at the thought of being alone with this man, but what other choice did she have? “Yes sir, I’m not from around here and my car ran out of gas about a hundred yards south of here. I walked to your house in the hopes that I might be able to use your phone to call for help.” Charlie hesitated for a second. Who does she think she’s going to call? No one in this town is stupid enough to leave the house in this weather! “Well ma’am…” he said as he reached for the handle “I have a phone, but…” When he opened the door, Charlie’s jaw hit the floor and all his words were lost. In front of him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. It took Charlie a second to regain his composure. “…but no one is going to come out at this hour, in this storm. It’s too dangerous. You’re welcome to try though. The phone is right in the kitchen.”

Abby was equally shocked when she saw Charlie. She did not expect a man like that to live in a place like this. He was gorgeous and he was ripped. She didn’t want him to think anything so she just said thank you, walked past him and into the kitchen. Charlie hung back and waited for her to finish up.

“Well, you were right.” she said “No one is going to come. I guess I’m stuck here until morning. Thank you. I’m going to just walk back to my car and sleep in there until morning.”

“Ma’am, I don’t think it’s a good idea that you sleep in your car. You’re soaked and if you stay in your car all night in this weather, you’re likely to get real sick. I have a spare room if you would like to stay here. You can shower and borrow some dry clothes for the night and leave first thing in the morning.”

“Ha! You think I’m going to stay HERE, with YOU, ALONE… you are alone, aren’t you?” Abby wanted to know more for herself than her safety. Charlie nodded. “and you expect me to feel safe? I don’t even know your name!”

“My apologies ma’am. My name is Charlie. I inherited this farm from my parents after they passed. I live alone because the farm takes up all my time. Not that I would date any of the women in this town anyway,” Abby’s eyes lit up “but I merely am just too busy. You probably missed your exit ma’am and if you would like, I can take you to the gas station in the morning and show you how to get out of here.” Charlie’s eyes wandered over Abby’s breasts where he could make out two perfect little nipples poking through her dress. She was cold even though she was trying to act tough. “If you don’t want to stay, I will understand, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go back out there.”

Abby could see what he was staring at and she was turned on by the fact that a man that looked this good could be in any way attracted to her. She had always felt so plain. She felt her pussy start to heat up and since this contrasted with the temperature of her body, she immediately shivered. This only made her nipples more erect and without thinking, Charlie’s cock began to stiffen. Abby noticed his pants shift a little and she knew she was having the same effect on him that he was having on her.

She decided to see how far she could take this. I mean, he was perfect and she hadn’t been laid in over a year. “Ok, fine, she said. My name is Abby and I guess I could stay for ONE night. Thank you. Now, you said I could shower?”

“Absolutely ma’am. I’ll take you upstairs to the bathroom, I can even take your wet clothes and put them in the dryer for you so you can wear them again in the morning.”

“That would be nice, thank you.”

Charlie led the way up the stairs and all Abby could do was stare at his ass. She wanted to grab it so bad. Once they were in the bathroom, Charlie showed her where everything was and as he was about to leave. She stopped him, “Please don’t go. I’m not a big fan of storms and I really would rather not be alone. Would you mind just sitting in here with me while I shower?”

“Are you sure ma’am? I would I hate to make you uncomfortable.” No sooner did the words leave his mouth, than Abby had pulled her dress off and dropped it to the floor. Charlie’s eyes got huge and his cock stiffened. He felt embarrassed and looked away as he put his hands down to cover his hard-on. No wonder her nipples poked through her dress so well, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had beautiful perky little breasts with tiny rock hard nipples.

“It’s ok,” Abby said “I’m comfortable with my body. I mean we we’re born naked, right? Do you not like what you see?”

Charlie stuttered and blushed, “Well yes ma’am…”

“Abby… call me Abby” she said.

“Ok, yes Abby, but…” Abby dropped her panties, looked at Charlie and said “But what Charlie?” she said as she walked into the shower and stood under the warm water. “Would you like to join me in here? It’s kinda lonely.” she sounded innocent but Charlie knew better. She was gorgeous, was he really going to miss this opportunity? This might never happen again. He might never see HER again. “Are you serious ma’am… Abby?” he asked. “Absolutely.” Abby responded. Without anymore hesitation, Charlie was naked in and in the shower with Abby. As soon as the water hit his body and he saw her naked form, he was rock hard. Abby turned to face him, grabbed his cheeks and started to passionately kiss him. Their tongues were exploring each others mouths and Abby’s pussy was dripping wet, but not from the water. She couldn’t believe how incredible he looked naked. Men should not look this good. His cock was perfect and she finally got the chance to grab his ass. She had Charlie help wash her off so that he could get used to every curve of her body. Charlie made sure not to miss the opportunity to clean Abby’s pussy. He rubbed his hands up and down her folds and over her clit, making her moan at each pass. Once they were done, he carried her out of the shower and into his bed. The room was warm from the fire and their bodies were craving the need to be touched by the other.

Charlie laid Abby out on his bed and bent down before her. She hadn’t had her pussy eaten out in years. Charlie took her legs and wrapped them around his head. He started by gently licking her clit up and down. Abby was moaning and her hips were thrusting with each of his movements. He stuck his tongue inside her and buried it deep within her pussy. She tasted amazing. He pulled out and decided to take a chance. He circled his tongue around Abby’s asshole before pushing his tongue gently inside. Abby had never felt this before but it was incredible. Charlie teased a little more and then went back to her clit and started sucking. Charlie thrust two fingers deep inside her. Abby’s back arched and she cried out in pleasure. Charlie finger fucked deep and hard while sucking her clit, making sure she would feel every bit the ecstasy he wanted her to feel. He reached up with his other hand and pinched her nipple. This sent Abby over the edge. Her whole body started to convulse and she cried out as she climaxed. Her juices came flowing out onto Charlie’s hand and he lapped them up quickly. No need to waste something so precious and delicious.

After her body came down from the high, Charlie stood over Abby, between her legs and looked deep into her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her once more. She could taste herself on his lips and it made her even more excited. “I want you Charlie.” she whispered, “Take me!” Charlie grabbed his hard cock in his hand and placed it at the opening of her vagina. It was well lubed from all her juices and they were both ready to fuck… hard! Charlie placed the tip at the opening and slowly pushed his way inside. Abby arched and moaned. Then Charlie thrust hard and stuffed the whole thing inside her. Abby cried out and Charlie let out a primal grunt. He grabbed Abby’s legs and held them up in the air and he started rocking back and forth. Fucking her like she had never been fucked before. Her hands grabbed at the sheets, her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched, her toes curled, and she screamed “Oh God Charlie… fuck me!”

“Yes ma’am.” at those words, he went into full beast mode and squeezed her thighs as he pumped in and out, faster and harder. He was grunting with each movement and he couldn’t remember a time that sex had ever felt this good. “Abby?”


“I’m gonna cum.”

“So am I Charlie!” Charlie leaned down and wrapped his hands around the top of her head, forcing himself in as deep as he could go. Abby dug her nails into his back and their bodies began to convulse at the same time. Charlie pulled his cock out, spewing his seed all over her pussy and stomach. Abby’s body was shaking uncontrollably. Charlie leaned down and kissed Abby’s forehead. “I think we might need another shower.” he said.

“Charlie?” Abby whispered.


“Would you mind if I stayed a little longer than just tonight?”

Charlie smiled as he walked into the bathroom. “Stay however long you need to ma’am.”