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By: XXMeowMeowXx

It all started with A. He seduced me into his room and all I could think about the whole ride there was what would sex be like? How would it feel to have a penis inside me? Penetrating my virgin pussy? I don’t remember how it happened but I do remember me melting from his hot fiery hellish touch. Little did I know I was about to have sex with Satan.  

I fingered myself before, I was tight, it hurt to even put tampons in me. I was honestly terrified what the penetration would do to me. I was scared but the feeling of this devilishly good looking guy on me was worth the sharp pain and bleeding that conspired after. In all out honesty since it was my first time I didn’t know how to sound. I watched porn all the time and would get fucked by my shower. Even a vibrating toothbrush sometimes. I was too nervous to make a sound. But those all felt really good. Having A in me wasn’t tearing but it made me take sharp intakes of breaths. I’m good at biting my tongue though when I’m in pain so I didn’t make any noises but an awkward small moan every so often. It wasn’t helping that A kept talking about how girls loved when he would something like it. We stayed missionary though the entire time so I didn’t exactly have a clue what he was talking about. When it was over the only thing I wanted was his warm body back on top of mine, not in me but on top. I was a naive little thing. He didn’t care for me. I wondered how many other virginities he took.

The second time I saw A I still bled but it didn’t feel so bad. I was just tight. But just the sight of him made me weak and on my knees for him. Which he made me do to put his dick in my virgin mouth. He was my first for that too. I didn’t really know what to do there though since I never watched enough porn to understand blowjobs. Ah also no he did not return the favor. But I didn’t really care I just wanted his mouth on my neck, on my lips. Smirking knowing he had me in his complete control. That’s what he said he liked about me, how submissive I was. I was his little harem girl amongst others I imagined. I tried not thinking about that though and pretended I was special.

A would talk about anal often and so it was planned that we would try it. A lot went on between us. I started lashing out cause I wanted him to myself but now I know better. He’s untamable just like I am now. The first time he did a little anal on me it was a time when I couldn’t stand him but wanted all of him, all of him in me. At this point I had sex with other people so I liked it a lot more and wanted him to make me feel good. Every Time I saw him I made sure to wear the least amount of clothing as possible. The anal time I dressed as a naughty schoolgirl persona. I wanted him to really fuck me hard. To this day he is one of the few that has the ability to really make me want to be owned. But alas. Carrying on, a sharp pain. Different from when he first penetrated my cunt. Again I must mention he was one of my first again for something and it pissed me off but pleased me to no end. One of my favorite things about A was his scent that he left on me when he dropped me back home. It was just sexy. The scent made me wet to even think about. I wanted him all over me. A didn’t fully penetrate my ass which was shockingly kind of him I realized since usually he had no empathy whatsoever. But he did get a good inch and a half in. It hurt but my cries were sounds of moans mixed in. I liked the pain he gave me. I was addicted to it. I wanted to be abused by him more. Eventually after he praised me for having made through it my insides burst when he murmured, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it” Something about him really pissed me off cause it was so intoxicating to me. No one ever dared to control me the way he would and I fucking loved it. He changed condoms and then went inside my aching pussy. When he was finished he came on my back. I cried out in pleasure. But the funny thing was, it wasn’t pleasure from having felt him in me, for some reason I never really was into the sex. I just was into him. I was into the way he would choke me with emotions I couldn’t read. Yet this bastard had a gentle side to him that puzzled me and left me wanting more. He was always on me being so dominate. But now I only wish I could have dominated him. Over time I changed into where the master kink didn’t get me off because I got tired of being abused but to this day whenever he messages me wanting to fuck my ass. I just about jump to start the abuse again.


My second lover was a female. I had fingered a girl before in a classroom closet before but I never pressed naked bodies against another female until B. B was my girlfriend and we had been dating for a couple months before deciding it was time. I would tease her writing her letters about my lust for her. How I craved to feel her body with my hands and mouth. To taste her. Well her mother happened to not be home one particular day so I got dropped off at her place and fuck I was nervous. My biggest fantasy was to scissor a girl. I really wanted to feel another females clit rub against mine and just make love like that. That was what I had planned but as I got there and could feel how nervous she was also I decided to save that plan for another time. We would make love with our tongues and fingers. She put on a playlist we had picked together of songs we wanted to go down on eachother on. Then after the nervous laughter and conversation my hands couldn’t hold back any longer, I reached for her and she returned my move as our mouths connected. We started making out passionately our tongues saying love sonnets to each other. And just like that we found our clothes flying off. Once I got her shirt off I started to finger her through her panties. And with my other hand I reached around to unclasp her bra which was done in a second as I dropped it on the floor. I gently pushed her back on her bed and moved above her, legs on either side of her, my mouth discovering the newfound breasts. Her chest felt warm and her heartbeat brisk. She felt hot and I was eating it up. Her nervousness turned me on and I wanted to really make her blush. That’s a huge turn on for me, making a girl get awkward really gets me going as I want to know how far I can push it. My hands discovered that she was really warm somewhere else too. I smirked and moved my head up to kiss her massaging her down below as she moaned. I was starting to get really hungry so I slowly started kissing my way down her soft, warm body. I’d kiss her neck every now and then too. I wanted my mouth everywhere on her to let her know how precious she was to me and how I really wanted to make her feel how much I was crazy about her. My mouth finally reached in between her legs. I kissed and massaged the inner parts of her thighs all the while looking at her embarrassed anticipating reaction. She was ready. I licked at the beautiful folds of her soft spots and circled my tongue around her clit. Her pussy was wet and hot and so was my tongue. Separating the folds my tongue flicked at her clit then made out with her pussy lips. She tasted of salt, yet sweet, this newfound taste intrigued me and I wanted more. So my tongue entered in her as well. Her juice was, how do I put it, yummy is all I can say. My first taste of pussy and I loved it. I also loved the sweet pure look of bliss on her face. And the sounds she was making were loud moans I was wondering if her neighbors could hear. Eventually she had me flipped so that she was on top and then she was the one to eat me. She was the first to do so and looking down at her pretty face innocently looking up at me while really sucking at my cunt was my newfound favorite thing. She would also insert a finger in me to massage at my gspot which felt fucking fantastic. I don’t know if either of us came but eventually we just laid with each other naked and hot and so in love. The taste of her lips mixed with our wetness was everything. When it was time that I had to leave she would pull me back down on her bed forbidding my leave as she kept me in her grasp with her tongue back to my mound till I couldn’t handle it. After that day neither had the other again till prom where I ate her out in the bathroom stall. And on the ride she’d massage my clit while other people were also in the car. On a scale of 1 to 10 in being my favorite of all the people I’ve been with she was my 10.


I was walking home from an area that wasn’t the safest when a car drove by me and it was a cute guy darkskin in his 20s. He asked if I needed a ride and I turned him down. Next day I ran into him again this time accepting the invitation and we started talking and he got my number. As soon as I got back in the house he asked if I wanted to meet with him. I said yes. I got in his car and we went into a secluded spot and started learning about each other. Then he asked if he could taste me and I said yes. We went to a secluded spot and got in the back seat as started eating me out. He was the first male to put his mouth on my soft wet pussy. It felt so good he had me aching from his hot mouth as he penetrated me with his tongue my clit went crazy. He then proceeded to eat out my ass as well which didn’t do as much for me. Eventually he asked if he could penetrate me with his rock hard dick and I panted yes as I was begging for it. As he slowly slid in me I cried out, he was my second dick I ever had and bigger than the first. He started pounding into me faster and harder and I was already out of breath as we were sweating. I don’t remember where he came but it wasn’t in me as we didn’t use a condom, he didn’t believe in them. The second time I saw him we walked to his apartment and he proceeded to eat me out as I recorded it on my premium. This didn’t last long though as he threw me on my knees and took his dick out and had me suck it. I gagged as he moved my head down on it and tears sprung at my eyes at how big he was. Then I got picked up and taken into his kitchen as he set me on his counter and started banging me hard and fast. It hurt with how tight I was and big he was. But it also felt good to be fucked so hard. He was aggressive and really took my weight like I was nothing as he then threw me down into his couch and held me down ramming back into me. I cried out so loud I knew his neighbors were going to feel really embarrassed. But when I cried out in pain he became more gentle which turned me on because nothing gets me more heated than a nice guy. We then proceeded to carry it into his bedroom where he dropped me on his bed and fucked me doggy style till flipping me over on my back and continuing to bang me missionary as my legs wrapped around him to pull him closer and my nails dug into his strong shoulders till finally he came and we parted ways. The last time after that I saw him was when he asked me for a favor to suck him off in his car. He didn’t shower for 2 days and said it was ok if I didn’t but I was feeling particularly nice so I put my mouth around him and massaged him with my tongue as he moaned out. This lasted for about 5 minutes till he made me stop since a man was watching us next door but we really didn’t care so I continued as the man laughed and departed. That was the only time I ever got caught in such a situation. Then another 5 minutes went by with my hand joining in the fun of tasting him when he held my head down to swallow his cum. That was my first time swallowing and ever since then I found that most effective and fun. I didn’t mind the taste and it became familiar to me like milk to a kitten. That was the last time I saw C.


I wanted to make out with someone, I whined about my craving on instagram, got a message, D. He lived somewhat close and wanted to arrange meeting that night to itch my scratch. When I met with him his car windows were dark so we were able to do whatever. I was in his passenger seat and after talking he kissed me. After passionately tasting each other’s breaths and tracing the others teeth with tongue we went into the backseat where we feverishly tore clothes off and I swung on top of him biting down on his bottom lip hard as he moaned out hands moving up my waist making me shiver. Finally I couldn’t resist, I was wet and needed him inside me. I took hold of his now firm and erect penis and smoothly slid down on it inhaling sharply and breathing out from the pleasure. He felt so fucking good. This was a new experience as I never felt a white guy before. Although he lasted about 5 minutes then came. I gave him my shirt to clean up then we talked for another hour and parted ways. I didn’t truly care to see him since although he’s been offering me to escort him on travels.


Bad memory bad sex too hard too deep too big hurt too much


F was my fucking favorite. I dated him and the sex with him made me discover that my favorite kind of sex is with passion seduction and lust. First time we made love, yes made love not just lust was to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie in his room and damn it was hot. I discovered as this man moved his way inside of me that caring about the person made me want it even more. The second time we had sex he was the first person ever to make me squirt. As he thrusted in and out of me above me it felt like pure bliss as I couldnt emit any sounds from the feeling in between my legs. Then as I squirted I cried out in pure joy and pleasure. He accomplished what I didn’t believe anyone else could. I loved this beautiful human and his beautiful cock that made me feel so filled. I never had sex feel so good before. I wanted him everytime we were together. We fucked in the woods with me on top of him late at night and it was blissful as I squirted down on him. When we were together he was so good at making me release into so many good orgasms. He fucked me in his bathtub, after we dried off he did me on his sink. That was super hot. His roommates were home and I couldn’t be loud so he covered my mouth and entered in me as I grasped onto the sink in ecstasy wanting him more. He would look at me with such lust and desire. I couldn’t even say how many times we had sex in just one day. Even after I orgasmed I wanted him immediately after again and again till my pussy was sore and sharp. Even car sex was the most amazing thing riding down on him in the front seat or having him behind me in the back seat as our tongues intertwined and he dominated my tongue with his. He was also my first car blowjob as he drove me home I thanked him for the good time with my mouth. We had sex in the park as he tried anal on me which didn’t go as well. Then went back to my place as we made out in my kitchen and even though my parents were home and my brother a room away, we were crazy hot for eachother as I tore his pants off to try crazy positions out on the couch. Then we made our way onto my kitchen table as he fucked me and shut me up with his mouth. At his place we tried anal again another time and even though I was in slight pain my love for this human allowed him in me till he came. Another time we were play fighting naked on his bed till we fell to the side with his legs still on to bed laying on his back and I on top. We just looked at eachother and knew what we wanted to do. I eased onto him riding moaning out. We already had sex 2 times prior and so this was short but what made this so sexy was we came together. As soon as I came he followed a second after. We would take naps together with his dick in me which was his idea and I wouldn’t be able to stand it as I moved forward and back till I could feel him erect inside me and he’d wake up moving in tune with me till we came. My favorite position with him was when he was behind me laying down as my leg was over his and he entered in me with thrusts that could last the whole night. The last time we had sexual relations was was when I wanted to be the first girl to make him cum from a blowjob which I succeeded in. After that I haven’t had sex anywhere near heavenly to that with him.


After F and I split I needed a makeup fuck. Originally it was supposed to be cuddles with G but he weakened me. It started with pulling me in with such possession, to the soft caresses on my body which the gentleness of it is my biggest weakness, he massaged at my stomach and it was getting hard to breath as I felt myself want him. My body was aching as he massaged my thighs and he kissed my face, but I still pushed against allowing things to go further as my hand was mindlessly tracing his body with my fingertips curious to know how his warm skin felt. Then finally he gave up controlling himself and kissed me hard which remembering my mind is finding it hard to concentrate. It became hot and heavy and passionate when he asked if it was ok and I said fuck yes. I wanted him to lose his self control and he weakened at the touch of our skin as clothes came off. I was scared cause I didn’t think anyone else could make me moan and cry out and beg like F but damn was I wrong. This man has me in such control over me. In a moment that was gentle he took control in being aggressive and rough and I was crying out in pure bliss as he thrusted himself in me and pounded away at my weak wet tight pussy. I was purring in pleasure as it had been a while since I was fucked so hard. He growled at me asking if I had ever been fucked so rough. I had but not in the way he was doing it. C and F had a different touch that didn’t do it for me. But Gs’ hot heated body was making me sizzle. There was a pause of pure bliss as I lost my breath and blanked out and I squirted in so much fucking satisfaction from the feeling he gave inside me. I cannot think of a more perfect body I have ever seen as he got up and went to wash off after cumming inside me. He was delicious. The next time I saw him it became apparent how much of a master he was and that I was just his dirty little pussycat. It started on the couch as he drove hard and fast in me from behind as my nails dug into whatever I could find as I cried out and he’d ask, “Yeah you like that?” And I moaned out “Fuck yes” Then he pulled my hair back, to a hand wrapping around my throat. Then we moved down to the floor as he penetrated my throat as tears struck to my eyes looking up at him as he pushed himself down my throat fucking my mouth fast and hard till finally he came down my throat and I swallowed it down purring like a kitten from his milk as he pet me.


Hell naw cuz not my proudest bang


I just had me ride him in his car after a bangin sushi dinner date, he turned me on cause he kept calling me little girl so I was weak, he was the first good amount older guy I fucked being 27, the sex wasn’t the most exciting though and I have had some exciting car fucks, he wasn’t it. It was amusing although cause he said I fucked like a porn star but I never cared to see him again after that.


J, funny as that is one of his letters in his name. He was a random tinder bang. Snuck me in his house and as I asked him to get me something to drink before we started he kissed me. Second best kisser next to my ex. I immediately was weak at my knees and wet in between my legs. After he came back we immediately continued our hot makeout session before we tore eachothers clothes off and he fucked me on top. Then my mouth found his cock and I swallowed it as he went off into a world of pleasure. Then told me to turn around as I had my first 69. As he ate me out and it would feel amazing I sucked harder. Till I turned back around and rode him till he came down my throat which I swallowed happily. After that he and I saw eachother 3 more times. One night I met him out in his car and it had been a while since we fucked. His mouth met mine and I immediately was on fire cause I forgot what a great kisser felt like. His hand moved in between my legs to discover I wasn’t wearing panties. My hand groped his already hard cock before moving down to pull his pants down to put him in my mouth. It was a good night since I was able to deepthroat like a champ and he got the front row seat to the experience as I swallowed his dick down. This excited me so I threw a leg over and slipped him inside of me. I was moaning so loud as he moved me up and down on him. He felt so fucking good inside of me. When he was about to cum I slipped off him to throw my head down to catch his milk as I purred. After that we went for one more round where he ate me out.