By: MsSapphire

I stared at myself in the mirror after putting on my favorite red dress. It was a beautiful, sparkly red chiffon dress with two straps that left very little to the imagination. It was low cut in the front and back, and tight in all the right places. I reapplied my favorite Mac lipstick in a color that matched my dress perfectly, and left my hotel room.  

Downstairs I took the attention of every man in the room as I swayed my hips side to side and gave my best pout. Every woman wanted to be me. Every man wanted to be with me. But I was only after one.

I went to the hotel lobby and my eyes met the man of my dreams. He was tall, taller than me still in my 6 inch stilettos. His hair was a rich, honey brown and his were a piercing shade of green. I felt my panties get wet just by looking him in the eyes. It was the first time myself and mystery man would meet face to face.

“Hello, my darling,” I let roll off my tongue as sweetly and seductively as I could manage. I gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. He quickly ordered us two mimosas.

“You look as ravishing as I would have ever expected,” He whispered into my ear over his cocktail. “Are you ready for me?” He continued, nonchalantly. The hair on my arms stood up and my body quivered. I placed my hand on his upper thigh and gave him a sly smile.

“Absolutely, my dear. I am ready for anything,” I purred. I was a kitten in his lap. He knew I was putty in his hands.

He took me by my arm and walked me gallantly down the halls. Everyone stopped to stare. I was his princess, his prize to show off to the world. We entered the elevator side by side, and clicked the top floor. He had reserved a beautiful penthouse suite for our first time together.

He placed his hand right above my knee. My body shook, and I let out a light whimper. He traced the inside of my leg slowly, tickling me and sending me into an impatient desire. He leaned over and whispered casually in my ear, “Tonight, I will make you mine.” I moaned silently to myself, but I remembered why I was here.

The elevator door dinged, and he whisked me off my feet, carrying my to his door. We both giggled at the gesture, and I started blowing and nibbling on his ear while he struggled to unlock the door. He thought he was going to dominate and ravish me, but he was wistfully wrong. I could feel his body tremor as I gently bit his earlobe. The key swiped, and the door opened to show the most beautiful hotel room I had ever seen. He placed my feet down on the floor.

In one swift motion, I pulled him to me by the belt loops of his pants. He was thrown off his guard instantly. “What are you doing?” He exclaimed to me. But it was too late, I had already unbuttoned an unzipped his trousers.

I pushed down onto a black leather couch that was a short distance from the door, removing his pants and underwear to reveal a magnificent hard-on. I was so hungry, I wanted it inside me. But I waited. I rubbed my hands against his inner thighs. A look of confusion was still on his face, but it was slowly fading to intrigue. I slowly kissed up his inner thigh, to right before his massive cock, and kissed back down the other side. He let out a soft moan and asked me what I was doing. I smirked at him, and grabbed his balls gently in my hand, massaging them.

“Just sit back, and relax,” I said, barely above a whisper. I licked and kissed his balls while he squirmed, breathing heavily. I was building his anticipation, waiting for the perfect moment. Slowly, I put my hand around the shaft of his penis and stroked it gently while kissing and sucking still on the ball sack. I could hear him moan my name. “Anna…. oh Anna…” I smiled slyly, and asked him if he thought he deserved more.

“Yes,” he begged me. I put my tongue at the very bottom of his massive cock, and slowly licked up to the head while staring him straight in the eye. His body was trembling. He wanted me so bad. I licked around the head of his cock, putting the tip lightly in my mouth while still massaging the balls with my left hand. With my right hand, I started stroking his shaft in the same motion as I bobbed my head up and down. Up and down. I could feel him growing and throbbing inside of me, turning as rock hard as possible. He grabbed the back of my hair with his hand and forced me to bob up and down, while moaning in pure delight. I could feel him building up.

I pulled my mouth away from him at the last possible second. Standing up, I turned my back to him and unzipped my beautiful red dress. I felt it whish around my body as it hit the floor, leaving me in only his favorite black satin thong. I shook my hips left to right, showing off my black stilettos and my thong. I turned around, and walked to him slowly, swaying side to side.

I sat on his lap, slowly grinding against his huge cock. “It’s my turn to take over, Sir,” I leaned over and whispered in his ear. At that moment, I reached to move his shaft underneath my panties, and he instantly went in.

“God, you’re so wet,” He moaned in my ear as I began to ride him. I kissed him on the lips and held him in my arms as I moved my body up and down. Up and down. Up and down. To the rhythm of his favorite jazz song that I heard a million times.

He reached his hand down and began slowly massaging my clit. I quickly moaned in pure ecstasy and moved from soft and sweet to rough and rowdy. I pushed him down long ways on the couch. He continued to massage my clit while I held my perky tits up so he could see the way they bounced while I grinded on him.

I could feel myself closer and closer to climax. I wanted to go slower to take breath but I kept pushing myself to move harder and faster for Sir. Everything is for Sir. “I’m about to cum inside you,” he moaned at me. I lowered myself down to his body, and while riding him I could feel myself building up.

“Sir, please tell me to cum,” I screamed. I could feel the momentum, and I didn’t want to stop. He grinned, flipped me over, and pounded against me from the top while I screamed out in pure ecstasy.

“Cum for me, baby,” He whispered in my ear. We both exploded at once. Sweaty, we laid down on top of each other and I fell asleep with him still inside me.

And that is the last time I saw my Sir, until tomorrow anyway.