By: qtbabybeth

When your boyfriend is out of town it’s best to avoid house parties, but I couldn’t resist the urge to go out. I’d had a few drinks too many and was feeling up to anything. I’d been dancing with a gorgeous man all night and I could tell he was interested. His hands had migrated to my ass more than a few times, and I hadn’t made any effort to move them. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider cheating on my boyfriend, but when this man took my hand a lead me to a back bedroom I didn’t resist.

With the door shut behind us he began pulling off his clothes. Was I really going to go through with this? It felt so wrong. I kept telling myself I should leave.. I should just get out of there before things went too far… Then he took down his pants. His giant erection sprang free. He was massive. The biggest cock I’d ever seen by a lot. This guy had to be double the size of my boyfriend. This dick made my boyfriend’s look tiny in comparison. I couldn’t stop staring. I needed to feel him inside me. I stripped and let him lift me onto the bed.

It felt so dirty letting someone touch me this way. His hands were moving expertly. I was dripping wet and close to cumming without having even felt his cock. My boyfriend had never made me feel this way, desperate for a thick dick to fill me. I begged him to fuck me, and he obliged. He positioned himself at the entrance of my pussy and pushed his hard cock inside. I moaned in pleasure as I felt him fill me completely.

It felt incredible and I wanted more. He flipped me on top and I rode him eagerly. I came around him over and over again, harder than my boyfriend could have ever made me, even at his best. I wanted to satisfy this man. I wanted him to cum for me. He placed me on my hands and knees and pounded me from behind. I screamed happily as I felt him finish. I could feel his cum dripping from me and I had never been so satisfied. I should have regretted it, but all I felt was pleasure. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time.