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By: MsBandGeek90

Brianna’s heart was racing as she got closer to Conner’s house. She hadn’t seen him in four years and at that time she was single. Now, newly engaged, she drove down the familiar dirt road and took the first right into a secluded, wooded area. “I’m here” she texted Conner with her shaking hands.

Right before leaving the house, her fiancé jokingly bantered, “Sex is okay, just no kissing!” He laughed, kissed her forehead, and then went back to watching tv. If he only knew the history Brianna and Conner shared. They weren’t just friends getting together to catch up. Granted, yes they were friends and they were getting together to catch up, but four years ago they were fuck buddies and deep down Brianna wondered if anything would happen tonight. Conner always kept her wondering. She could never read his smoldering green eyes and teasing grin. She knew he lusted after her because every time they saw each other it ended up with a wild romp between the sheets, but he never would express his feelings about having a relationship.

Brianna looked up to see Conner walking down the gravel drive way. Instantly she felt a tingling sensation and she found herself holding her breath. As she stepped out of her car, Conner gave her a hug. His cologne was intoxicating. Brianna stood there for a few seconds with her ear against his chest. She never noticed before how much taller he was than her but now she was increasing aware of his body. She noticed his bronzed skin and sculpted muscles chiseled from countless hours on the farm. He was a good old country boy but what Brianna loved most was Conner’s intelligence and wit. They could carry on a conversation for hours jumping from music, to politics, to religion, and back to music again. Their views weren’t always the same but they respected each other’s opinions.

“I can’t believe how long it’s been! C’mon, let’s go inside.” Conner motioned for Brianna to follow him. They walked side by side back up the drive way and Conner opened the door for Brianna to walk in. She stood in the kitchen awkwardly, not knowing what to do with herself.

“Wanna beer?” he asked. “Sure,” she replied with a grin.

Conner opened the refrigerator and handed Brianna a Miller Coors. When she clasped her hand around the cold bottle, Brianna had a tantalizing thought of how good it would feel for Conner to place that frosty glass bottle against her nipples. Just as quickly as she conjured the thought, she dismissed it. What was she thinking? An engaged woman shouldn’t be having these thoughts about another man. Brianna flushed and thanked Conner for the beer. “Let’s go sit on the couch and talk,” he suggested.

They made their way into the living room where the only light emitting was the sun shining through the window as it descended behind the trees. “I love it back here in the woods!” Brianna said, “It’s so peaceful and …. people-less.” Conner laughed, “I forgot, you dislike most people just as much as I do.” That’s one of the many things they had in common. Both introverted, they had a difficult time hanging around other people. Maybe that’s why they felt so comfortable around each other. “You know, I really wish things between us had happened differently,” Conner confessed. Brianna could feel her cheeks growing hot. “Now you’re with that guy but I wonder what would have happened between us if I had manned-up and made things ‘official’ with you.” He gave her a grin and those green eyes of his were so bright it drove Brianna crazy. “I don’t know. Things aren’t good with us. As you know, I’ve always wanted children but Andrew doesn’t want kids. Sometimes I wish things had been different too …” Brianna trailed off and looked up from where she was staring at her folded hands in her lap.

Making eye contact with Conner always made her nervous. “Why is having children so important to you?” he questioned. “Because, I feel like my life is meaningless right now. I get up, go to work, come home and repeat. I’m not doing anything meaningful. At least, raising a child would mean something. I could teach them things!” Brianna smiled at the thought of raising a child. “I feel the same way. My parents never cared about me and I would like the chance to raise my son or daughter in a way that shows them how much they’re cared for … how much they’re loved …” Conner trailed off in thought as he gazed into her eyes. He was giving her that look. The look she was all too familiar with. The look that always resulted with her clothes on the floor.

While they sat there studying each other’s faces, she could feel herself growing increasingly hot and wet beneath her lacey panties. Conner placed his hand on her thigh and slowly started to slide it underneath her dress as he leaned in to kiss her. She closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly as his tongue met hers. Without even thinking about it, she found herself cupping the bulge beneath his jeans. She started unbuttoning him while he kissed down her neck and all over her chest.

Her heart was beating so hard she was sure he could feel each pulse with his lips. “You smell so good,” he whispered in her ear. “Get these pants off!” she demanded. He chuckled, “Yes ma’am!” and jerked his jeans down. “That’s a nice tent you’ve got pitched there,” she grinned as she grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head. Her breast were small and firm enough to get away without wearing a bra, so she stood there completely naked except for the black lace panties that sat low on her hips.

Conner quickly jerked his t-shirt up over his head and tossed it behind him. Then he slid his boxers down to reveal his growing erection. Brianna sauntered over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck while she nibbled on his bottom lip. Sliding his hands beneath the back of her panties, Conner cupped her ass and pulled her closer against his body. She reached down to pull her panties off and suddenly she could feel his erection rubbing up against her smooth vulva, partially sliding between her lips just enough for a good tease.

Conner must have felt her wetness and couldn’t stand it any longer. He briskly picked her up, with her legs wrapped around his waist, and carried her to his bedroom where he laid her down on his bed. He stared down at her and gave her that familiar smirk, “Are you sure about this?” The only thing Brianna was sure about was the throbbing she felt in her pussy. “Yes,” she breathed and pulled him down to her. She gasped as she felt him slide deep inside her. Had he grown bigger since last time? Is that even possible? She wasn’t sure but she knew that he filled her up completely and it felt amazing. She moaned and closed her eyes as he started sliding in and out while sucking on her breasts. His breathing started to pick up as his trusts become harder and deeper. “Oh my god, yes!” she screamed out. “You’re so tight and wet,” Conner moaned.

Brianna reached down to rub circles around her clit. As she started to grow tighter around his dick, Conner stops and flips her around so that he can enter from behind. She puts her ass up in the air and face down into the pillow as she grasps at the comforter, holding on for dear life with each thrust. “I’m going to fucking come!” Conner yells. “Yes! Please! Come deep inside me!” Brianna begs. Sweat starts to roll down between her breasts and she screams into the pillow with each thrust. She grows tighter and tighter around his dick and Conner is pushed over the edge. “Fuck!” he moans and shoots his hot load deep inside her throbbing pussy. Brianna screams too as her muscles contract around his cock as they both orgasm together. Conner slowly pulls out. Some cum gushes out and slides down her inner thigh. They both breathlessly flop on their backs and stare up at the ceiling. Brianna thinks to herself ….. worth it.