By: NaughtyTiffy

He usually gets home by the time I am in bed. Trying to fall asleep without him, before he gets home is hard to do. Yet, I think it gets him hard knowing there is a naked, sleeping, innocent woman laying in his bed awaiting for him to play with. This doesn’t “make me feel less of a woman or fearful”, it empowers me. Makes me feel sexy and gives me positivity. Pleasing my man is my obligation. Also I left some rope at the bottom of the bed for him to use on me.

*Door squeaks open*

He’s here for me. As I hear the door close, followed by his footsteps coming closer to the bedroom, I get chills. Knowing in just moments he’ll be caressing my body with his fingertips without missing an inch of my soft skin. As I hear him taking his shoes off down the hall, my heart starts pounding. I’m wondering if he thinks I am actually asleep or not. Then I hear him enter the bedroom and all I can think about are his rock hard abs, six foot tall figure, and that nine inches of orgasmic pleasurer that were feet away from me.

Still breathing heavy, I feel his hand run under the blanket to my left foot. He runs his fingers from there, up my leg, up my back. Then removes my covers, naked body completely exposed. As this way happening all i wondered was if he already got undressed and was naked or not. And just as I was thinking I feel him get onto the bed feel up and down my sides with both hands as he started kissing down my back. I feel him going lower and lower. From the back of my thighs, to the inside.

Shit this feels so good, I want him to eat my pussy… but I begin to moan. He stops kissing, laughs a little, then grabs me by the back of my hair.
“My princess, you’re awake?”
“Yes” I reply, sounding innocent and scared as if I didn’t want him to treat me like a dirty little slut. Still holding me by the back of my hair, he spanks my ass.

I feel his bare legs on me, he is totally already naked. Thinking and feeling even the slightest part of his naked body on me gave me chills. I wanted more… He turns me around onto my back. He comes down to my level, beginning to kiss my stomach and up around my nips. He then kisses my lips. I feel his hard cock glide against my thighs, then around my pussy. I reach down to feel it but he pulls away.
“I’m going to please you tonight baby.”

He kisses down my neck, grabs one of my tits and puts the other in his mouth. I go to touch my clit but he takes my hand and holds it down on the bed. Then he backs away, let’s go of me. Even though the light was off, I could see he was looking for something.
“Give me your hands baby”
I put my hands out
“And close your eyes”
I do so, then i feel him begin to tie my right hand up and then same with the left. Then my feet together.
“Baby make them tighter” I said
He tightens the ropes then holds my head with his hands
“I love you” He tells me
“I love you too”

He kisses me again and then he rolls me over and spanks me. Then puts me back onto my back, grabs my thighs and begins licking around my pussy. I yet again get chills as he gets closer and closer to my-
My clit. His tongue swirls around it and I can feel myself around ready about to squirt.

“Babe I- I- I’m, Ahhhh mmmm!”
I feel him come back closer to me. He flips me and the ropes binding me to the bed around onto my stomach.
“smack my ass a few more time baby, I’m your little slut!”
“Oh yeah, you’re my little slut babe!”

“Ahhh, baby give it to me, my pussy is dripping wet” As I am struggling to move, i wiggle around trying to get some way to reach or at least see his giant cock. It doesn’t work, he holds me still. “STOP YOU SLUT” he yells, as he grabs me by my neck (which is my biggest turn on) and one around my mouth. I feel him position his cock between my thighs, just blatantly teasing me with it so close to my pussy.
“Be quiet” he said in a stern, strict, yet calm oh so sexy voice.
He lets go of my mouth, still holding on the my neck, he slides he dick ever so slowly around my pussy. And then-
“Ohhh, mmmm”
He slides his hard throbbing cock into my pussy as I moan wanting him to fuck the living hell out of me. He leans down to my ear, still inside my pussy and says.
“You’re so wet and tight”

And just as I wanted, he tightens his hand around my neck and pushed the other on my back and begins to pound me with his exotically hard cock, in and out of my pussy. I begin to tense up. Never wanting it to stop! Then I feel him begin to finger my ass hole, he definetly wants it. Although I was rather shocked because he has never tried for it before. Yet, I didn’t question it. He fit his whole pinky in, but now I want to feel his whole cock.
“Ahhhh, baby put your cock in”

“Mmmm, ok princess”
He removes his finger and massages my ass hole with his tip, it’s so soft. I again get chill… “Give it to me”
He pushes his hard cock in with just the tiniest amount of force and-
“Ahhh, mmm baby it’s in! Put it all-”
“You are such a little dirty freak and I love it. You’re my little Nympho.”
Then for some reason I hear the door open, everything is getting blurry, I can’t feel the hard cock in my ass.


“Babe, babe, Baby? BABE! Hun wake up!”
“What? Babe I want your cock in my asshole, I just had a dream about it and it almost happened.”
“Ok babe let me in right now I am already hard”
I sit up to feel his cock through his pants.
“Mmmm I am ready baby”
“You’re my little Nympho!”