By: RyleyDean

Sitting directly across the room from my boss, I could tell he was swamped with work. I’ve been trying for weeks to get him to notice me and today was finally going to be that day. I wore a short, tight black dress to work with no panties on underneath and my 6 inch black heels. As I got up from my desk, I pretended to drop some paperwork in front of him, I bent over to collect the documents and let it be known to him that there was nothing going over under my dress. This immediately caught his attention..  

Casually, I walked back to my desk and continued working. I could feel his glances at me all through out the day, but pretended not to notice. Chewing on the end of my pen, knowing this would tease him, he finally gave in and called me into the conference room for my annual performance review. Getting up slowly, I adjusted my dress, fixed my hair so that it gently fell across my shoulders, exposing my low cut top. Walking into the conference room, I was hoping all my hard work of trying to get him to notice me had finally paid off.

He closed the door behind me, grabbed me from the waist and turned me around, kissing me passionately. He grabbed a handful of hair, pulled back, exposing my neck and chest. He started kissing me at my ears, softly nibbling them, began lightly kissing my neck and then all the way down to my breasts, releasing them from the top of my dress he started to lick and suck on my nipples, lightly biting them. I tried to keep my moans quiet because of the other workers, but being able to cum from nipple play made this almost impossible.

He flipped me around and hiked up my dress, exposing my bare ass. “Oh, you naughty girl” he said realizing I hadn’t worn panties that day. He got down on his knees and buried his face in my wet pussy as I was still bent over the conference room table. The next thing I know, he takes the head of his cock and begins teasing my little pussy with it, slowly putting the head in and out, until finally neither one of us can take it any longer and he thrusts himself inside of my tight, wet pussy.

He grabs my hair and pulls back, causing my back to arch as he thrusts harder and harder. With my hair in one hand, he glides his other hand all along my body, reaching my breasts, giving my nipples a little pinch, until finally make his way to my neck. He lightly squeezes my neck as he pulls my hair, causing me to have an orgasm, soaking his cock. This gets him even more excited and he whispers into my ear “It’s my turn now”. He releases my hair and neck, pushing my body directly on top of the table, he grabs each side of my hips and begins thrusting his rock hard cock into my soaked pussy. “I’m coming, you dirty slut” he says as he begins going faster. Then he collapses on top of me, pushes my hair back to one side, whispers in my ear “now get back to work”. I fix my dress and hair and walk back to my desk, as I am sitting there I can feel my boss’s cum dripping down my leg.