By: trppie23

My dress falls, crumbling to the floor around my heels. My fingers are warm against his hard, toned skin and his hands are coarse against my soft sides. I’m exposed to him as just a petite body in a lacey bra and panties with large breasts and an ass large enough for him to cup with his hand before spanking the skin, allowing it to redden and sting. I groan, eager for more but I know he didn’t tell me to move, so I’ll remain in spot.

“You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you Vinnie,” he asks in my ear before biting my lobe gently and kissing his way down my neck, moving his hands to cup my breasts.

“Yes sir, I’m a dirty little slut.” I reply. He makes his way behind me, grabbing my wrists softly, but then I feel the rope he is beginning to tie, and I can feel my pussy become wet. He’s going to tie me up. I love when he ties me up.

The rope is tight now and hard around my wrists and I feel an ache but I’m ready for whatever he does next. He slaps my ass again, and guides me down forcefully to the bed so I’m bent, and my ass is exposed mid air, head against the mattress with my long blonde hair in a mess around me.

He pulls my panties down softly and the cold air nips at my now wet exposed clit and I wince in pleasure.

He must have taken his pants off, because he’s now behind me fully erect and rubbing my pussy with his hard and fat cock and I feel myself wanting him more.

“Please sir, I want you.” I moan and he grins. He forces himself into me easy but hard and I groan. He continues to slam himself fully into me and I ache but feel good at the same time and he spanks me and pulls my hair which makes me moan more.

“You know I love it when you’re quiet,” he says almost angrily. And I try to be quiet. I know he likes the idea of me trying. Not the actual action. So I try. But I fail and he is grinning and groaning as his cock slams my pussy.

It’s not long before he’s pulling me up, and pushing me to my knees.

“Get ready you bitch, I’m gonna cum.” And I smile and open my mouth as he explodes on my face and I lick up as much as I can.

Everything he says demeans me, and I still ache with the feel of his cock in me, and I cum too.

“I’m your dirty bitch” I say happily one last time and he smiles before walking out of the room to clean up.