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By: Aryana


It’s late…and you come by my apartment sweaty and lacking in breathing and your shirt is wet and you’re hot.

I look away, I want to seem centered.

You say…’’sorry I’m late, I had to run to get there because it started raining…”,and you talk for awhile, of what you have seen in the street and stuff and I’m setting us a drink and smiling because I know and I just can’t seem to get off of my mind what we’ll do together later on tonight.

You can’t see me smile but I can’t help but smile and while I’m pouring the wine you come near me and lay your back on the kitchen counter to see my face and you smile kindly and make a subtle “hah” “are you okay?”

I look at you with eyes that say “come on…you totally know what’s going on in my thoughts right now and it’s a lot for me at the same time, you, here, hot next to me.”

And as I gave you this particular look, I gave you the drink.

So I said ”there you go” and smiled and you said ”how about we sit down now and drink together?’’ I said yes…sorry I’m being weird right now I don’t know what’s going on and then I take a sip of wine and make a face and you watch all of this, and you feel this energy of me losing it a little.

Instead of making me feel weird about it, you turn around and talk as you walk to the couch and that gives me time to center myself again and drink a little and then I come and sit next to you and say ‘’thank you’’…

You reply ”hey that’s okay are you good?

I just want you to be good” and my heart pounds harder and I get red.

I am not used to this.

I don’t know how to answer to this.

I drink my wine and you drink too and then you make a little laugh and caress my back and I just look at you with eyes that just want to abandon themselves to you.


It gets harder for me to handle this level of love and respect.

I feel like I’m melting.

Your presence is so comforting but I’m just not ready to open myself yet.

You ask me what I have done with my day and there are a lot more silences and laughs than talking.

I try to answer you but I stutter and every answer out of my mouth comes as a question, as a way of saying ”how much do you want me?”


”I ….I …I did my laundry today?” I replied.

You say ”yes………? haha” and you laugh so sweetly like you’re with me on this.

Then, we talk deeply about things that we have lived thru and I get comfortable and passionate listening to you and defending your position in certain past situations you were in and you do the same to me.

You put your hand on my leg when you see I get intense and defend myself because you understand.

And you say to me out of the blue ”you are so beautiful…and…intense Cynthia’’.


I smile confidently this time like you make me bloom and feel beautiful.

You smile in a shy way now but still, you’re very humble,  kind and strong.

I say to you ”am I making you shy……..haha” and I poke you a little and you smile.

You think I’m cute but you want me now.

You really desire me more and more.

You look at me with fascinated and calm eyes.

You move my hair away from my shoulders to look at my neck. You slide down the string from my dress but my dress doesn’t go down.

You look at my shoulder, you smell my neck and you say ”hmmm” in my ear.

I shiver.


I moan just a little…you watch me close my eyes and kiss my cheeks and near my mouth but not on my mouth.

You say ”look at you……”

I get very red.

I frown with excitement, surprise, and desire.

I grab your arm and gradually grab it harder and you like that I want to grab you hard and I’m too horny and red to look you into your eyes.

I just look at your arms and I grab them and I want to lay you down and go on top of you.

But you smile gently at me and you say ”no.”

You push me away, grabbing me by my waist and my stomach.

You’re on top of me holding my hands and kissing my neck and your leg is between my legs…and you push your leg harder between my legs when I try to move.


I laugh and I try to get away and you find that so sweet.

You say ’’hmm” to me.

You slide your hand from my neck down to my chest while changing my hair from left to right to see my neck clearly.

You go down my stomach and my waist and I move towards you.

You touch me and it’s so good and soft.

You grab me hard everywhere with your hands from time to time to make me feel how strong you are and bring me closer to you.

I push you and put my leg between your legs where your balls are.

Now I’m in control.

I put my hands under your shirt, I moan, I want that skin, I want you.

I kiss every little part of you..your neck and your chest and I hold your head to kiss you.

I don’t want you to move.


At this point it’s so hot you want me so much, you rip my shirt open….and move toward me to kiss my chest, to caress me and suck on my breast…

But I push you again holding and grabbing your chest so hard thru your shirt.

I slide my hand under it and moan again.

All of you is hard.

And all of me is soft flexible and delicate.

I can feel your hardness thru your pants and I can see in your eyes that you’re so turned on that I want you that bad.


I’m in leggings and my shirt is ripped.

I unzip your pants and pull them down.

Now you push me back again removing your boxers.

You hold both of my hands.

You rub your hard cock on me thru my leggings.

You go so slow, and it’s so good I actually tear up a little and bite my lips on and off and my face is so red and everything I try to say comes off as a deep moan, a hunger so deep it makes me want to cry.

And you look at me and you’re so hot and beautiful, and I mumble while moaning ”look at that face….”


You pull my leggings so they are tight on me.

You widen up my legs and you look at my pussy on those legging.

You can’t resist trying to touch me and me to touch you, and my leg shakes.

And when you see me shaking, you say ”fuck…you’re so wet….”

I shiver and you’re so calm and not in a hurry.

I feel like I could moan forever.

Now you really really don’t want to let me go, so you grab my waist left and right and put hard pressure on them while I still shake a little from pleasure.

After holding my waist you remove my leggings slowly while kissing and touching my stomach.

You look at my face from time to time as I breathe hard and my chest moves from my breathing.


As you put your attention on my chest you have to put your hand there for a second and slide it all the way down my pussy.

My body moves from the shivering and the pleasure.

I get up a little, to get to your face and kiss you and you hold my back and caress my back as I grab your arms hard and I touch your hair.

I look at you and you take my hand away put it away behind my back and you caress my neck and my chest so slow and hard at the same time.

I go on you like you’re on a chair and I just take your cock inside me, without asking, like I just really needed it.

And everything is very slow, but I’m so wet, and we both are in a trance and we moan and when our skin touch, it gets even more intense.


Everything is slow moving.

You take my hair away from my shoulder as I go in and out of you like that.

I curve my back like I’m stretching and you pinch my tits just a little.

You pinch me a little on my stomach too and give me soft grabbing here and there.

You grab my waist harder.

You want to be in, deep.

You want me to move while you’re deep in me, I want that too and I’m blushing.

I scratch your chest, grab it hard, grab your arms and let you pull away this arm of mine to restrain me.

You look at my pussy like that on you and you tap slowly and gently on it.


You become more intense and you growl, you grab my ass, scratch my skin and grab my waist harder. Then you grab my ass harder again while you’re in me. I’m moving slowly but we don’t have to be fast and we act like we are tasting everything.

I hold you like I’m giving you a hug….because I’m about to cum.

My legs shake even more so you hold them very hard with your arms so that they hold this hard cock of yours in me.

I know I’m going to cum and this makes you want to cum too.

I’m telling it to you over and over again while saying your name.

I cum and then I shake for 5 seconds nonstop.

All my body moves and you try real hard to stay inside me

and all of this makes you want to cum so hard.

You push harder while pulling my waist against you and you cum inside me with such a manly moan.

We both just lay down and breathe all sweaty and calm and my legs still shake a little.

We laugh, I give you a kiss and say ”thank you..”.