By: wormygal

Ms. Higdon?” Mr. Grey asked. “Ms. Higdon are you paying attention?” Maddie snapped back into reality from nap. “Sorry I’m listening.” Mr. Grey rose his thick eyebrow and nodded. “Then look like it Ms. Higdon. You’re 18, an adult now, act like one.” She nodded, looking at her textbook, attempting to stay in focus on  Mr. Grey’s lecture on chemistry. As normal, she was day dreaming. Mr. Grey looks so good with his hair down. He looked so hot yesterday, and today. I wonder if he’s going out running again. I wonder if… Maddie fell asleep. Again.

“Mr. Grey. Maddie’s asleep… Again.” a classmate known as Roman said.  Mr. Grey sighed, walking over to Maddie’s desk, slamming the ruler he would point at objects to show the class examples and such on her desk. Jolting right up she looked right at him smiling nervously, “Uhh sorry Mr. G-Grey… Again…” she sighed. Mr. Grey looked at her in the eyes, with his beautiful, blue eyes. Causing her to flush.

“I’ll see you after class.” Maddie sighed again, brushing her bangs out of her face and stuttering out an OK. “I assume you’ll be awake the last few minutes of class.”
Maddie nodded, then sighed yet again. “I’ll just draw.” she thought to herself.
The bell rang. Everyone got their books together and shuffled their notes and papers. Maddie stumbled out of her desk, getting her papers and shit together, stuffing everything into her textbook letting it get cluttered like the rest tucking it into her torn up backpack, slinging it over her shoulder as she trudged over to Mr. Grey’s wooden desk.

So,” Mr. Grey began. “What makes you think it’s okay to sleep in my class?” he smirked looking down at his computer. “I-i-i don’t!” she hesitantly began. “I j-just can’t say…” Mr. Grey cocked his head to the side, licking his lips. “Of course you can. It’s just you and me. I don’t think it’s something you can’t tell your favorite teacher.”  Maddie looked up at him, her mouth agape a bit.

“It’s not secret Ms. Higdon.” He smirked.
“What are you talking about?” She stammered.
“You, me, your friends… They all know.” He began. “And, it doesn’t help the fact that you’ve left your little doodles on the ground through out the school year.”
Maddie’s face grew a deep crimson. “I-i don’t what you’re talki-” Mr. Grey cut her off, showing her the drawings. Causing her to throw her face into her hands.

Mr. Grey placed his hand on the young brunette’s head, ruffling her hair. “You know Ms. Higdon.” Maddie gulped. “We both know you’re not doing too well in class either.”
He stood up, walked from behind his desk. Walking in front of her, Maddie starring at him as he walked her breath getting heavy.  Mr. Grey stood in front of the female,
placing his hands on her hips, looking her directly in her hazel green eyes. “You’re so cute.” Slowly moving one of his hands from her hip to breast. Giving a gentle squeeze.
Maddie blushed fiercely. “Mr. Grey what are you doing?” He smirked. “Do you want me to stop?” She shook her head.

“That’s what I thought hehe.” Maddie sighed, her head turned to the side. Mr. Grey looking at her face. “Is there a problem Ms. Higdon? Are you sure you don’t want me to stop?” Maddie shook her head again, Mr. Grey squeezing a little more forcefully. “Hm?” He smirked wider. “I can’t he-”
“No. I don’t want you to stop.” She said heavily.

“Mmm, that’s what I thought. Good girl.” He responded. “Now how about we get this pesky shirt and bra off of you shall we?” He winked. Maddie nodded her head, Mr. Grey pulling his hand away, taking down his long dark brown hair. Maddie began putting her hands behind her back to unhook her bra. A few seconds later the bra was off, and on the floor. Obviously embarrassed the brunette put her arms across her breasts, Mr. Grey noticed her embarrassment right away and walked closer to her cupping her rounded face.

“There is not need to be embarrassed with me my dear. I wouldn’t have chosen you if I didn’t think you or your body where beautiful.” He smiled. Maddie smiled back.
Maddie blushed, her lips curling up into a smile. He gently leaned his face towards hers, kissing her plump lips. Maddie slowly easing into the kiss, pulling away slowly. Mr. Grey bit his bottom lip, staring at the young brunette. Starting to undo
his pants, and sliding them off exposing his thick hard-on with a wild look in his eyes. Maddie couldn’t help but stare at the length. Mr. Grey noticed immediatley, glaring at her with a smirk. “What is it baby?” Maddie’s attention staring at his groin,
snapped to his eyes. “N-nothing!” she screeched.

Mr. Grey walked closer to her, his bare chest, against hers. Maddie blinked becoming rosey again. Mr. Grey taking his length into his hand, “Is this what you’re wanting?” He asked. Maddie looked away. “Hm? Do you want this baby?” He smiled, raising his eyebrows seducingly, she bit her lip swallowing hard. Mr. Grey leaned towards the young vixen whispering in her ear, “Because he wants you hehe.” He tilted her chin upward looking her in the eyes before kissing her gently. “I do w-want him too…” Maddie bit her lip not looking up. Mr. Grey smriked, rubbing his hard member on the brunette’s bikni area. “Such a good girl. A very very good girl. Now let’s take off your jeans.” He said with a wink.

The temptrest smiled, unbuttoning her pants before sliding them off. As soon as her pants where off the took her hands to cover her bare vagina, and one across her breasts, Mr. Grey blinked glanced over at her. “No panties I see?” Maddie blushed nodding her head blushing. Mr. Grey slid down his black and grey boxers, his hard memeber popping out.

“Here.” He began, sliding all of the stuff of a lab counter tapping on it. “Go on your back, my dear. It’s time raise that grade of yours.” Maddie walked over a little awkwardly, sitting down on the counter before lying on her back. “The counter is cold.” Maddie said to herself. Mr. Grey began taking his hair back pulling it into a high ponytail, brushing the flyaway hairs away. He began walking over to the brunette
who’d been laying covered just like before, Mr. Grey noticed this and paced over to her, moving both of her hands down. “Should I just cuff you to the desk?” He smirked, Maddie opening her eyes wide before Mr. Grey placed a soft kiss on her lips. “I’m joking dear. Unless you want me to.” he said with a wink. Maddie giggled before shaking her head no. He smiled, kissing her again, kissing and softly biting down her milky complected skin.

Making his way down her neck, to her collar bones, leaving small loves bites down her neck, taking her  breast into his hand, kissing her nipple softly, licking it lightly before taking it into his mouth, placing his other hand on Maddie’s shaven pussy. Flicking her clit, teasingly. Pulling his mouth away from her nipple, “Mmm, you’re already so wet for me baby.” Maddie blushed looking away. Mr. Grey smiled, kissing down her belly, down to her wet pussy, placing a kiss on her clit, licking it gently.

She let out a soft moan, blushing intestly. “Hm?” Mr. Grey looked up, his face still towards her pussy. “Do you like that babygirl?” he asked her before giving it a long lick from top to bottom. She bit her bottom lip, to hold back the gasp of pleasure. Mr. Grey looked up at her face, taking her clit into his mouth sucking on it a little roughly, slipping a finger into her tight pussy. Her back arching slightly, Mr. Grey pulling away slowly. “You didnt even need to respond, your body made it obvious you like it. Hehe. Such a good girl.”

Maddie’s spin shivered, “Please t-tongue fuck me Mr. Grey…” she whimpered, covering her eyes. Mr. Grey rose an eyebrow. “Would you like that darling?” Maddie nodded her head slightly. He smirked, sliding another finger into her virgin hole, licking and sucking on her clit and the “guts” of her pussy before taking out his fingers and kissing down, sliding his medium length tongue inside of her. Maddie bit her bottom, arching her back, grabbing the renaming hair from Mr. Grey’s ponytail. He smiled.

“Mmm, you taste so sweet babygirl. Hehe” Mr Grey slid his tongue in and out. Maddie squirmed and jerked “M-Mr. Greyyy! I’m about to c-cum!” He looked right up at her, pulling away for a second. “Oh are you?” he gave her wet pussy a long lick.
The brunette muttered out a yes through her panting. “Mmm. Cum for daddy like a good girl.” She bit her lip once again, her dangling toes curling where she lied. “Mm-mm ah~!” Maddie came, her knees shaking and her breath becoming heavy. Mr. Grey swallowed, and licked the sexual juices  on his fingers. “You’re so sweet tasting hehe.”
Maddie blushed, scooting up on the counter. “That was really… Nice.” She buried her face into knees.

Mr. Grey walked up tilting her chin upward, looking her in the eyes before kissing her forehead. “You know Ms. Higdon.” He began. “I don’t do things like that for just anyone. Normally only women I’m dating, or attempting to date. And we bothknow that we are not dating.” Maddie eyes grew wide, a rosy tint growing upon her cheeks. “B-But Mr. Grey… You’re my teacher!” He shrugged, “It’d be worth the trouble to be with someone as gorgeous as you are my dear.” He took her hand and kissed it softly. “If you can be quiet, we can keep this our dirty little secret.” He winked.

Maddie glanced at his deep blue eyes, blushing even harder. She closed her eyes, nodding her head. She opened one eye slightly, Mr. Grey taking her face with both hands placing a sweet kiss on her lips. “You’ve made a man very happy tonight.” Maddie smiled, before getting up to pick her clothes and get dressed. “You should probably get dressed, or at least put on some boxers.” He shrugged, “I’ve got some papers to grade anyway. Oh and before I forget.” He took a post-it note. “Here’s my phone number. Just text me saying it’s you.”

She nodded. “Will do.” She smiled. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” He nodded. Maddie grabbed her backpack, about to head out the door, and turned around to wave goodbye. He put his hand waving back slightly. Maddie ran back and hugged the slim man tightly. “Sorry I forgot to do that.” He smiled returning the tight hug, rubbing the back of her reddish brown hair, kissing the top of her head. “I’m glad you remembered.” Maddie smiled nuzzling into his chest sweetly, before pulling away. “I’m sorry Mr. Gr-” He cut her off.

“Since we’re… dating now. You can call me Jordan.” She looked up at him. “Okay. Sorry Jordan, I’ve really gotta go. I’ll text you as soon as I get home.” She placed a sight kiss on his cheek before running out the door.

“Cutie.” he thought to himself walking behind his desk to grade papers.